The Outlet

The milk of the principle is more watery but contains most of the proteins and sugars; milk from the end of the outlet is less abundant but has more calories (FAT and vitamin content is higher. Both the number of shots the child performs a day, while it invests in each, is therefore highly variable and there is no to establish fixed rules. It is better to offer the breast to demand. A child may want to breastfeed after 15 minutes of having made a decision or otherwise take over 4 hours to ask the next one, although at the beginning, during the first 15 or 20 days of life, it is convenient to try to make the child at least 8 outlets in 24 hours. Nor is it advisable to mother or those who accompany her to limit the duration of each shot, baby is the only one who knows when it has been satisfied and it is important that you have taken the milk at the end of the socket. Ideally, that decision lasts until the child who is spontaneously released chest. Some children get what need of a single chest and others take both. In the latter case, it is possible that the child does not completely drain the last, so it takes the following must start in this. Important thing is not that the child mame two breasts, but empty alternately and complete each of them, to avoid that the accumulation of milk can cause the development of a mastitis and so that the mother’s body attach milk production to the needs of your child. Why is recommended to allow your child to finish with a breast before offering the other.