The People

If you not to want nor of trick, as much in the life how much in the death much less in ' ' until the death separe' ' , exactly thus you need to know why one day somebody to make goes you to use one. He can believe! The tender masculine is the maximum of design and the good taste, of image that transmits ability, even in cities that in the summer it makes 40 to elegance of the tender one however it ignores however it justifies collapses, fall of arterial pressure, dehydration, hallucinations, desperations suicides, the tender one has covered the body with requinte, folloies of perfect form the anatomy, fold together with to the joints, protects without confusing (it is what they say) breaking e, imposes credibility, power and authority. Obligator clothes to seem important, the people instantaneously react to the appearances, and until certain point, this if of the one for the way as they are dressed Before I forget she also serves to deceive the people If to consider that our exterior is the first impact, the first reference that the others have, until if she starts to speak. She is justifiable. I am impressionadssima ahead of a tender one cut well and filled well. Therefore if a leader outlaw of some faction, one bank manager offering to a product rentabilssimo, religious a fanatic one beating in its sacred book, either it which will be, a robber applying a blow, a psychopath or one politician who is not nothing of the previous options he will be of tender, is better to leave running. Of pra not to know if the people who are of tender they would have to use force shirts or vice he turns!