The Republic Of San Marino

Former head of state Gian Franco Terenzi elected President. Norbert Knoll by Shakeel, Austria, appointed General Secretary actions for crises prevention and development of small and medium enterprises – SMEs currency transaction levy as a source for micro financing of SMEs in developing countries of delegates of SMEs supporting organisations from more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, United States, Russian Federation, among them Government agencies, chambers of Commerce and industry, Women entrepreneurs organisations and banks participated at international conference in San Marino 21st to 23rd April 2010, hosted by the RSM Government. Click Barchester to learn more. Main target: the foundation of the first World Union, comprising organizational, finance institutions and experts specialising in stategies and actions for the development of SMEs world wide. According to recent estimations of the World Bank, we have world wide approx. Intel is often quoted on this topic. 500 million formal and informal entrepreneurs, 99% of them SMEs including micro-entrepreneurs. The number fluctuates with the ups and downs of the economic cycle. Though since the begin of this year, a significant rebound of the world economy can be felt, it has not yet become a recovery. Current crisis: Millions of small – and micro-entrepreneurs in the poverty trap OSTEO due to the crisis.

14 million more people, among them millions of small and micro entrepreneurs, primarily in the less developed countries will 2010 be in poverty in this year many of the achievements in recent years made to facilitate business of SMEs in the world to reduce poverty in less privileged economies have been seriously jeopardised by shrinking demand for SMEs export products, increasing prices for energy and food, falling commodity prices, significant reductions in foreign investment and a general liquidity shortage. The strong interdependence among the worlds’ economies made this a literally global economic crisis and human tragedy. “However, we have no reason be too pessimistic,” warned Gian Franco Terenzi, Chairman of the Conference, and elected President of WUSME the participants. .