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Spam can ever be and never It will be an online marketing strategy because it goes against the ethics and rules of Protocol and etiquette that define the Internet marketing, however, in Panama and Latin America is still fertile ground for the low culture of good manners on the Internet. In countries like Spain and in some regions of the United States and Europe, spam is a crime by the consequences it has caused. Some providers of Internet and e-mail also canceled services when someone makes a complaint for having received a spam. Because the companies, businesses and serious entrepreneurs should never use spam? Because spam email is already reputed to be mail spam; because those who open it, are already biased that you want to sell something, they want it to swindle or that want you to believe such or that thing. I.e., the person who receives the spam and open it, makes it with annoyance, irritation, discomfort or curiosity, but already this biased negatively, even if the message content is more honest, sincere and pure from all over the world that Internet is the effect of spam, the spam mail. Do you want to publicize your product or service using a biased method negatively before hand? I am sure that not. Then how I have a list of contacts to send email marketing? The most direct way of doing this is to build your own list of emails, not only as a simple list of names and email, but a list of prospects highly interested in your product or service, because it must build on the basis of your presence on the Internet and to your web site, not on the basis of the presence of others or to the web site of others. This technique is not the only way to do email marketing, there are also various online systems, as the traffic exchange, to mention only one, that, without having a list, allows you to reach prospects highly interested in your niche market via e-mail. We have the experience, we know how and where to do it, that is our job, contact us. Original author and source of the Article