Lazy parking behind the wheel of an expensive car in front of the astonished neighbors – the ultimate dream of many Russian citizens, forced to 'turn the steering wheel' domestic vehicles. But, as every coin has a reverse side, and value of the foreign car is not only price, which is paid in the showroom, and is formed of many different factors. Chief among which is the subsequent content. Inomarku often compared to the road woman – if you wish to keep it look luxurious, it will always have to invest money. Repairing foreign cars – fun is not cheap, as the elimination of breakage, whether it is repair of turbines, electricians or even replacement tire requires the involvement of professionals specialized workshops.

Yes, and spare parts for foreign cars are often much more expensive than domestic counterparts. By independent research, it became known that the most expensive parts are the sites of Japanese brands Honda and Mitsubishi (about a third more expensive than the Russian parts) and Volkswagen (difference of about 13%). The cheapest on contents were brands like Renault, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Skoda, but we should not deceive ourselves, because the cost of spare parts foreign car is still higher than those of domestic production sites. If we continue the analogy with the woman, then a foreign car because as capricious, as well as many representatives of the fair sex. However, 'nature' of a foreign car does not depend on the quality of assembly, and, upon its individual characteristics.

After inomarochka, oddly enough, on our roads wear out much faster than the simple Russian 'Five' and, thanks to a special fuel injection system of the engine more sensitive to its quality. For example, turbines at Audi, improving driving performance cars, require more expensive brands of fuel, greatly increasing their consumption. However, not all foreign cars 'collapse' in our ruts in a few years old – there are more or less reliable brands that have managed to adapt to harsh Russian conditions – such as the Japanese 'Toyota' or the stability of German 'Mercedes'. But the French 'Reno' or 'Peugeot', quite popular among Russian motorists cope with our reality is much worse their foreign associates. A favorite practice of the Russian motorists recently was the purchase of used cars. Train of thought buyers is obvious – they get the car of your dreams at an affordable price. But before you put your signature in the documents should be a full scan of foreign cars – make sure that the chassis of the machine, electronics, engine and, importantly, transmission. Buying a foreign car with automatic transmission, it should be borne in mind – Automatic recovery will require the owner of considerable resources and qualified repair. Measure of 'working' automatic gearbox is smooth switching speeds – the new automatic transmission provide movement to and fro without jamming and jerks. It so happens that a foreign car in our country – it is a symbol of success, stability and independence, however, dreaming of 'Mercedes', not Remember that the joy of owning your dream car may be slightly dampen maintenance costs.