Xerox Printers

Doctor blade (Doctor Blade) made of steel, is responsible for uniform distribution of toner on the developer shaft. The shaft is made of conductive developer rubber. The whole point of recycling, as the current is that the waste toner with paper dust after drawing the image onto the paper dumped into a hopper with a clean cartridge. This leads to very rapid deterioration of the doctor blade. This is an absolute "minus" because user will have about refilling every 3-4 change in addition to the drum and another blade. Worth noting that not every company involved in servicing copiers will undertake to replace this part, this is due to a number of technological constraints and features data cartridges. The next element after the drum and the doctor blade, which is subject to wear this PCR.

His life at the competent charging is large enough and replaced it with no problems. Also note that Printers Xerox (Samsung) use the principle of non-magnetic toner transfer. Uniform distribution of toner on the shaft of the mechanical properties of seeking developer doctor blade under the influence of the potential difference between the shaft developer and the doctor blade. In combination with dusty toner in the hopper toner not rarely leads to a large amount of toner on nakoksovavshegosya working edge of the doctor blade, which is certainly detrimental affect print quality and durability of the doctor blade. Without recycling. In this type of cartridge has an additional waste toner box. It was in this capacity comes the waste toner to the paper dust. This allows you to save toner hopper clean.

This type of cartridges used in printers Canon (HP). The use of magnetic toner transfer, these cartridges allows for uniform distribution of toner for account only the mechanical properties of the doctor blade without affecting the potential difference. Working part of the blade in these cartridges are made from polyurethane, it is practically not subject to wear when properly the printer.