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Freelance Work

You could say that a freelance job, is when a person sells services to a man or a woman without a long-term commitment and that it would be under a separate agreement. Normally, being self-employed means that you would be working outside normal a company contracts. When you have a freelance, get paid you out of payroll normal operation, so the company has fewer contractual obligations with the worker online. Many people who tend to work as a freelancer, have steady jobs online, since this working method has the advantage that you can perform their functions from their home, or even, when in another country. When you are in a distant country and does not have legal documentation still to sign a contract of employment, a freelance work is without a doubt the best choice that you and the company can go. When you are performing online by means of a contract of employment freelance works, you can agree on two methods of payment; the first is that when you start work, the company, or Contracting person pays 50% of the total value of the contract, and to finish the work and deliver the end result of your work, you can receive the remaining 50%. In an employment contract common to receive payment of payroll, the contracting company should do about tax discounts and some contributions to pensions and others, what does that if a person has a monthly salary of 10 cents, you will only receive approximately 8.5 cents, while having a freelance job, deductions are minor when it comes to receiving payment for their work.

But not everything is favorable, because when you have a freelance job or there is some online works, has the risk of that is does not have a stable job. Upon completion of the work for which you was contacted, the freelance work receives its final payment and must wait to find another option for freelance work or devote himself to search for jobs online, so you can spend a long time without receiving income, while having an employment contract of linking to a company, the employee receives his salary steadily. To the you have a freelance job, the person must have a very high performance in order to be able to satisfy maximum expectations who has hired him and thus know that for future work online or freelance jobs, the person hired him again or also may recommend your work to other people or companies. I.e. If you have worked for dexpertos, you must make an excellent job for the dexpertos company can count with your freelance services again. Source: Work online as a freelancer

The Coasts

' ' Jav, you snosso father, we are the clay and you, our potter, all we are workmanships of tuasmos. As clay in hand of the potter, who amolda its bel pleasure, thus is oshomens at the hands of the Creator. You formed my kidneys, Jav, you weaveeed me in seiomaterno, you defined my life all. Your workmanships are wonderful, quemaravilha are I, Jav. I marvel myself at your wonders I celebrate, you for tantoprodgio. You know until the deep one of my being: when he was done in the land maisprofunda, fabric in secret, my bones had not been hidden you. Yours they olhosviam my embryo. Know you me when I am seated and of foot, you see claramentequando I am walking, when rest you see also me.

If for the coasts you enclose sintoque me, I know that of front you perceive also me. To run away far from the teuEsprito, what I will make? Where I will go? I do not know. For where I will go? For where I will run away? If I go up to the sky or me prostro in the abyss I find, you there. You are in high damontanha verdejante and the confines of the sea. It swims escapes to your the holy ghost olhar' ' Is 64,7; Eclo 33,13; Sl 138 (139), 13-16. The human being is impefeito, fragile, feitoda same clay that other terrenas creatures. However, it received from the Criadordignidade biggest that they: life, the spirit, the inspiration inoculated it to it, acriatividade, the capacity to love, the mood, almost made them deuses, icsticos, smiles the God. Icon, perfect expression of God, the human being reproduzfielmente the characteristics of it; but he is not God: but it he is semelhante.' ' What is a mortal, it stops of it remembering, and a son of Adam, to viresvisitar it? Jav, that is the man pra you know that it, the son of the mortal who oconsideres? What is the human being, pra that you make case of it, occupies of it, oexamines, inspects to each moment and each morning? It is as a blow, seusdias, as the shade that passes.