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Director General Areas

When we speak of health personnel the challenge is, if anything, even greater while in their hands is improving and the attempt to achieve a better quality of life for people. Educate yourself with thoughts from The Boeing Company. Residencies and day care centers are a clear example of this. We are currently immersed in a stage where there are many graduates, but few specialists, i.e., many professionals in more general subjects, which do not have in-depth knowledge of the certain areas that comprise all the health framework. A concrete example may be the auxiliary nurses in the community of Madrid, from my professional experience as Director General of Vitalia day centres note that although there is a large number of Nursing Assistant, the proportion of specialization in various fields is practically non-existent. This is far from the U.S.

educational system.UU where initially formed on a more global knowledge and later specialized in the particular area in which they wish to develop their career, this is the case of the therapy degree Occupational, that in Spain not is holds to any subsequent specialization and in the United States.UU Yes. There is, likewise, a corporate responsibility in specific and specialized training of its workers. Although there is still an explicit vocation in certain areas, the vocation without training does not lead to anything, so it becomes necessary that there is a bilateral involvement of health empresario-profesional in equal parts. On the other hand, in the sector of the third age, despite the important outputs from the labour point of view, the rapid growth of the population is already a fact, it is not a sector that attracts the new graduates, and perhaps by a lack of information and training in this regard. Other health care fields, however, agglutinated to a greater number of professionals against geriatrics. If we make a positive discrimination we see that a large dose of vocation is necessary for this, but you also need a more informative support to bring about that preference. Therefore, the problem lies not in the lack health professionals qualified, if not the specialization of these areas concrete.

Augsburg Interior

Department: Enterprise software: Administration the baramundi software AG, manufacturer of solutions for system management, receives visitors in the future in a completely new setting. The company, which has moved into new offices in the glass palace in downtown Augsburg a few days ago, celebrated Grand opening last Wednesday. Bernd Holz, Board development and services at barramundi, stressed in his speech, it was Managing Director at heart, that the staff at the new premises feel.Not for nothing has the company of philosophy “working hours life time is working space Habitat is” prescribed. The inspiring atmosphere of the pillared Hall divided on unconventional ways to promote creative, successful work. Whether it’s employees, business partners or potential new customers: whoever enters the new headquarters of the baramundi software AG, is immediately intrigued.

By the airy reception, the elegant Office cubes that are integrated in the middle of the Hall to the slightly elevated Bistro area everything is harmonious, refreshing colours arranged and expertly with modern lighting accentuates. The company, which previously resided in downtown Augsburg, decided for the move because the place was scarce due to the continuous growth in recent years. Moreover, that the previous premises in two separate buildings was housed. This separation made it difficult personal communication among the almost 45 employees. After examining some alternative locations in Augsburg was chosen on the glass Palace also centrally located. The spacious columned Hall in the historic commercial buildings offered on the one hand great creative freedom, but required an elaborate indoor architectural concept. The Augsburg Interior architect Raimund Osswald designed this in an impressive way.

Waiting at the new address Malaika on 1,200 square meters with generous space, expansion options are also given. Their own areas for development, service, distribution and Marketing is also available as a freely-standing, original design test center, as well as an attractive training room. Again and again impressed the artistic light and colour concept gives a distinctive flavor to the whole interior arrangement. The indentation in the glass palace represents a significant milestone in our company’s history. We chose this location decided, so we feel comfortable here the unique interior design and our identity as a clever, dynamic and creative company is tangible”, explains Bernd Holz.