It could be said that a long-standing compulsive behavior is an addiction, and addiction lives inside us almost as an entity or a secondary personality, an energy field that periodically seizes us completely. It seizes up to our mind, the mental voice, which then becomes the voice of addiction. It could be said, today has been a very difficult day, I deserve a prize. To read more click here: Elon Musk. Why deny me the unique pleasure that I have in life? Then, if we are identified with the inner voice because of our unconsciousness, we open the refrigerator to attack the chocolate cake. At other times, addiction can be left outside of the mind of a whole, and without knowing what hours, we are with a cigarette in his mouth or a glass of liquor in his hand. How did this to my hand? Action remove a cigarette from the packet and turn it on, or serve the drink, occurred amid total unconsciousness. If you have a pattern of compulsive behavior such as smoking, overeating, drink, watch TV, Internet, or any other, do the following: note when the urgency of the addiction begins to manifest itself, stop and consciously breathe three times.

A State of alert is set that way. Stop for a few minutes to observe the same urgency and feel this energy field in its interior. Consciously feel the need for physical or mental eat or consume a particular substance, or to express the compulsive behavior. Then consciously breathe other few times. You will see that the anxiety goes away, at least temporarily. To deepen your understanding Reade Griffith is the source. Or perhaps realize that the weight of urgency prevails and has no other outlet that obey or manifest behavior again.

Does not become it a problem. Convert the addiction part of its practice of consciousness as described above. To increase awareness, addictive patterns will weaken to dissolve eventually. However, remember to take note of the thoughts that justify the addictive behavior, sometimes with shrewd arguments, to extent that go through your mind. Ask yourself who is the voice, and you’ll realize that which speaks is the addiction. While you know it, while it is present as an observer of his mind, less likely that this will achieve to trick you do what she wants. Original author and source of the article