Bruxism Teeth Grinding

Dentist of Nahas by crunching, friction and pressing each other close teeth and tooth replacements. This crunch caused by stress, as a result of bruxism. Stress leads to bruxism is in the last ten years the number of psychologically-related sick leave in the workplace to almost half increased. High loads and stress are the cause. However, unemployment without colleagues have more psychological problems than those employed with low pay and tension with colleagues. City life charged in addition to the human organism. Therefore, are the most dental defects such as teeth grinding due to stress, and should also be treated. Bruxism presses teeth with high pressure each other teeth grinding we in the jargon bruxism referred to as and is caused by stress in the home and work area.

These ballasts cause commotion, which usually at night a crunch and grind the teeth cause. On the day can the teeth and the jaw so tense are, this one rotate produce, which the Clenching the teeth cause. The very serious problem concerns almost every fifth German. Sometimes the affected by the Knirsch – and cracking noises are awake, what proves useful, as are actively searched for stress reduction and automatically went to the dentist, which prevents the clenching of the teeth. Bruxism can cause the treatment of duration of problems do prepared not only for the respective affected patients, but also for dentists and dental technicians in the dental laboratory, the gnashing of teeth.

The successive presses of the teeth, the teeth with up to several hundred pounds can be charged. As your own genuine teeth can rub off with the force and break, so this can also happen with the dentures, which the patient already has in the mouth or is to be used. The problem of the bruxism should be treated comprehensively, in order to keep functioning teeth when patient is not only beautiful, but to find also mentally and physically calm.