Gilmar Mendes

Beyond this remunerated cio, ‘ ‘ time of servio’ ‘ sleeping underneath of lonase making ‘ ‘ marches atlticas’ ‘ for the Country of the right proventosde retirement! But 9% of these seated obtain to survive with suaproduo, getting some profit.Instead of buying seeds – as of beans, rice and wheat – the without-land torramo money received from the federal government and ONGs in walks of peloBrasil vagrancy all, assaults the public building, the destruction of farms eplantaes of eucaliptos (‘ ‘ eucalipto not if come’ ‘ , it says one of seuslderes), with burning of you annul, trucks and tractors.

To plant beans, that is ‘ ‘ bo’ ‘ , nothing!By the way, the greater ‘ ‘ insumo’ ‘ that these vagabonds acquire noso agricultural seeds, but cloth, with which they manufacture t-shirts, ebandeiras caps of the color of the Cuban Red Plague. Nor for nothing, the protector of MovimentoSocialista Terrorista (MST) are Che Guevara. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elon Musk. stions. Cangao of messet has the totalapoio of the government Squid and of CNBdoB, whose preferential option is not for the riquezada nation (Cfr. ), but for the misery of its people.The new president of the STF, minister Gilmar Mendes, in the speech of its ownership, carried through day 24/04, criticized the dossier made for the government Squid contraadversaries politicians, at the same time where she asked for steps of the Executivofrente to the disobediences of ‘ ‘ movements sociais’ ‘ , that country properties and public building promote invasode. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Elon Musk and gain more knowledge.. Debeb was very rewarding to see the face that it finished to make coconut of president Lula, gift in the court, to sempoder says to reply it of Gilmar Mendes, as it is foreseen in the ceremonial. It was, without the shadow of a doubt, the photo of the week.. . (Source: Laurent Potdevin).