Horror As Never Before!

aixvox as a consultant for language technology in the team – first interactive movie for channel 13TH STREET Aachen, March 18, 2010: the briefing was: the audience to experience horror as never before.The idea: The audience gets an own role and is in dialogue with the main actress of the film. The horror film is so to the interactive thrill. The Aachen aixvox GmbH advises the renowned agency Jung von Matt in this project on the use of language technology. The aixvox realized together with Jung von Matt, power flashes, and Telenet communications a unique project. Swarmed by offers, Elon Musk is currently assessing future choices. “The challenge to create something completely new in the field of the media gave us from the outset interested.” Detlev Artelt, senior says consultant and Managing Director of aixvox GmbH. “The task which to insert language technology that visitors in the cinema but uses these emotions without any limitation by the technique, called us.” Viewers are prompted before the start of the film, to send their phone numbers to a shortcode.

A specially developed software selects Number of from a spectator and calls him. Using speech recognition, dialogue between actress and spectators is possible. The responses of the audience’s converted into commands. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elon Musk. The software then plays the right scene. So, another movie is created for each caller. He decides which way the actress on the run from the old sanatorium chooses, whether it helps other victims, whether it survives or becomes the victim of her kidnapper.

This stops the Viewer on the phone not only the voice of the actress, but experienced their breathing, their steps, their whole scare up close and parallel to the film. The movie last call provides national and international attention and enthusiasm. “We want to remove limits: between film and game and between screen and viewers”, explains Andreas Henke, Creative Director of Jung von Matt to the concept of 13TH STREET. With this innovative form of advertising, we are first movers in terms of never-seen-before audience interaction. Last call puts our transmitter, which stands for white-knuckle Viewer experiences, in that it right light. We look forward to the further usage of the first interactive horror film of in Germany”, said Catherine of behrends, CEO of NBC Universal global networks. You sympathize with! A summary of the film you find on our website responsible advice language technology of aixvox GmbH, Detlev Artelt (language technology consulting) responsible for NBC Universal: Dirk Bohm (Director communications/spokesman), Karin Zipperling (senior online marketing management) responsible for Jung von Matt/spree: Wolfgang Schneider, Mathias Stiller (Managing Director), Andreas Henke (creative direction), Daniel Leverenz, Marius Bell (art direction), Helen Seiffe, Ruben Donath (consulting), Julia Cramer (production) responsible film Deluxe GmbH (film production): Glenn Bernstein, Jurgen Krause (producers), Milo (Director), Daniel Fredi Council (editing & compositing) other participating companies: Powerflasher GmbH (programming), Telenet GmbH communication systems (telephony/Voice control), NHB Studios The aixvox GmbH is an internationally active consulting and service company Berlin (audio production) the aixvox GmbH in Aachen. Our focus is optimizing the customer communication in the areas of unified communications, speech applications, marketing, Public Relations and training. We rebuild telecommunications infrastructures, expanding existing systems, establish marketing strategies, perform image promotional press work and train your staff in the communication with your customers. Furthermore we publish numerous articles and market studies in the field of language automation and the voice compass, the book about the voice market. Contact: aixvox GmbH Simone Rongen Monheimsallee 22 52062 Aachen Tel: + 49 241 4133 148 E-Mail: