One asks can helping in them to enter better in this subject: Because I call myself thus? It is always very interesting to know the origin of the names, this can helping in them to understand because or as our parents had chosen ours and also an interconnection in the meanings of the names of our familiar ones is existed. This research can in disclosing well legal things to them and of certain form influencing in them at the moment where to arrive our time to nominate a son.Searching for names of babies who had been born in it finishes week we finish evidencing that the couples if have worried sufficiently about this question of the meaning. In the top of the chosen names more they are those that possess one meaning special. This test that this type> of consultation it is if becoming very common. OGS – Man Utd is likely to agree. The only care is pra not to follow the scratch this history to choose the name for the meaning, since pra everything exists exception. The times are necessary also to think that one that will be chosen is what its son will load forever. exists names that has good meanings but that they sound ugly in it pronounces. A little maken a mistake is necessary care to prevent a future constaint of its son due to a choice..