So much for the entrepreneur as for businessman or experienced professional seeking innovative alternatives to reduce office costs and expenses that ensure you the profitability of your business, a good alternative is the combination of labour at home and at the client’s Office, for which is ideal to hire the services of a virtual office over a mobile phone (iPhone(, Blackberry and Windows mobile). The economic crisis that we have just experienced in 2009, left a learning very interesting about the application of methodologies to simplify structures which desburocratizaran processes, this re-engineering is that allowed that companies who well understood survive and entrepreneurs or small entrepreneurs who applied all his creativity to circumvent a year with a very complicated economy and poor sales. During the reduction of costs and expenses of the companies processes a large amount of jobs were eliminated and only hired or retained personnel with potential to add value to the company.This situation brought about the disintegration of support areas that are not part of the core business (core business), increasing third party services (outsourcing). This experience came to encourage the theory which is cheaper to buy outside to inside. Entrepreneurs and small business owners for not staying out of the market as an opportunity see the possibility of offering goods and services to medium-sized or large enterprises, requiring all their creativity and innovation. In order to increase their profitability, companies are every time more demanding on the quality and price of the goods or services you are buying, this in addition to creating a competition every time more at odds between providers, obliges them be more efficient searching for alternatives for reducing costs, forcing them to explore and take advantage of any technological opportunity.

Hence, a good alternative is the virtual company, where members are in continuous communication, using a mobile phone or in their homes or offices of the customer by Internet, through your laptop and using the service from a virtual office as a meeting hub to receive and deliver correspondence or address the legal and fiscal affairs of the business. This way of working without Office, came to revolutionize the schema of the firm in which the professional or entrepreneur catered to their clients and suppliers. This scheme allows you to start your day of work from home with a steaming hot cup of coffee and via email or mobile phone coordinating the activities of the day. Eliminating its expenditure budget income of the Office, Secretariat, light, maintenance, cleaning, etc. However by the novelty that represents this new way of working, it is very important that explain and persuade customers, suppliers and people that is made, the benefits and business benefits of this scheme of work and that this expenditure savings has a direct effect on the prices of goods or services supplied. Eliminate the uncertainty that might occur before the question of where are your offices? It can be the difference between the success or failure of a business. I recommend that you consult the site which has a very appropriate concept for this Office scheme.