Setting New Trends

The Dakine shop supplied with stylish new articles of the summer collection 2011 fashion victims! Munich, 29.12.2010 the Christmas holidays are over and the days will get longer. Dakine provides with the latest summer collection 2011 for innovative trends and styles in the new year. A good start! Soon, the new year is upon us. Good intentions for 2011 has made himself the Dakine shop and already realized. This really takes off with the new summer collection. Brand new designs are combined with stylish colour and pattern combinations and set ultimate trends for the coming year! Innovative designs for girls and boys, give a new image of trendy bags, backpacks and suitcases.

Among other things bring the colors of Phantom, fairway and Teal Blocks, in addition to already known patterns, stylish flair in the range. Further details can be found at Barclays, an internet resource. The newly developed AC series, which was created in collaboration with young international artists and stands for individuality and fashion will be highlighted. Includes five different backpacks, the Over under watertight hard roller case, pencil case, purse and Cappie. For girls, the colours are Geneve, Victorianne, Avalon, Houndstooth, Floralscent, Carmen and many more new fashion character. In addition, numerous upgraded and newly developed models enrich the summer collection. The Brent Atchley team Division is a brand new team rider backpack and Capitol and corridor with the backpacks among the current extensions. Girls can make this summer the acquaintance with zuri, ISIS and Lark, the new stars among the girls backpacks. New handbag models of the latest summer collection, such as Cameron and Olivia, emphasize the noble character of fashion brand Dakine.

However, the models of Josie, shimmy, Ludwig and Bristol are stylish and at the same time multi functional everyday companions and are equipped with numerous practical Organizerfachern. For trips of all kinds, there are shop travel sets in the top current color theme of the new collection in the Dakine. Suitcases, travel bags, toiletry bags and backpacks and bags are for Girl in Avalon, Geneve, Houndstooth and Vivienne Plaid available. Guys can travel with the collections in fairway, the AC series, Hombre, charcoal and re-Gen. The quality brand Dakine ensures ultimate, new trends with the innovative designs of the summer collection 2011. Equipped with the stylish and functional range so the new year can begin. Dakine shop is something for everyone! The current article and offers a customer via the Dakine shop, see super class service and goods. I find that the shop has a super great service. The goods will be shipped overnight. I’ve accidentally ticked the wrong color. Then, I have written a short email was answered within very short time. The color was just as desired, changed. Really great.