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African Coffee

The best coffee in the world from Jamaica Jamaica Blue Mountain Jamaica is the third largest island in the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean (with the capital of Kingston) and was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus ‘. Jamaica is located about 150 miles south of Cuba and 200 km to the West of Haiti. The population is estimated at about 3 million. Jamaica is known for its beautiful beaches, its excellent RUM’ and also by the music of Jamaica’s reggae’, which was distributed worldwide by the legendary Bob Marley. One of his most famous songs No. woman no cry”was marketed millions of times (the early 1970s).

In the 1950s, it was Harry Bellafonte, who made known the music of Jamaica. Jamaica belongs since 1962 to the common wealth and Queen Elisabeth as head of State. Jamaica has to offer still more, the world-famous: Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee In 1728 the former Governor of Jamaica Sir got brought Nicholas Lawes, several Arabicakaffeepflanzchen and seeds of Martinique. Mark Bertolini may find this interesting as well. The first seeds were in Planted St. Andrew (on the edge of the Blue Mountains). Sir Nicholas Lawes’ never dream it can be, that approximately 300 years later this fine coffee is so popular and that there are people, especially Japanese, which are ready approximately 15 and to pay more for a cup of this special coffee. It turned out quickly that the climatic conditions of the Blue Mountain region are the most ideal condition for cultivation and the prosperity of coffee plants. The volcanic soil and the ideal temperatures rounded out the excellent ripening process.

The plantation was then cared for by African slaves and edited. in 1838 began to cultivate everything and greatly increasing the coffee plantations. And coffee plants have been used also in height of 1900m.