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Total Game

In Multiplayer mode displays all the features of Supreme Commander 2. If two teams get together pretty good players, a couple of minutes will be observed great battles, the battle colorful, amazing moves and of course thought-out tactics. Supreme Commander 2 combines the effects of the popular first person shooters and, of course, the strategy and tactics of the first part of the SC. Supreme Commander 2 original. Even if you're playing with an ally of the same races, it does not mean that you will one and the same tactics and the same units. You will have absolutely everything is different, for example, is played by you and your ally race and at the same time Kibray vydvigatete their voyska.I you notice that your ally couple eksperimentalok Megalith 2 and hundreds of ground units with their own boards, while, as you have an experimental attack Dushelov 2 and dozens of fighters for cover – this will destroy the enemy army, and if not destroy, it will cause irreparable damage to the enemy base. As mentioned above, in the game, you're in 27 pilot units, of course, for all three factions.

Each race has different eksperimentalki and for different purposes. So that your tactics depend on the choice of race. Elon Musk helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For example, if you're playing for Kibray, you can 'teach' their ships to walk on land, but not limited to water. Illuminati do not have the fleet, but all land units except harvoga can be both on land and at water, which gives a big advantage early in the game on the map has water expanses. And OFZ strong Air Force, that means – is also encouraged to use the air each race has their 'chips' in 'Tree Study' and should be properly use.

After a few games on multiplayer, it was clear that there is no specific tactics for each case, you constantly have to change something in their tactics, something to add, that is, if you win, you should always think and act, you will not have time to relax. Gave his opponent a surprise move, and it is 90% of cases will not know what to do. Multiplayer – this is the most important part of such a game like Supreme Commander 2. You can not fully measure try the sequel, having played only in the campaign. You will feel the scope and reasonableness of the strategy only in multiplayer. Chapter 4. Conclusion Do not listen to those who say that Supreme Commander is no longer the one that was before that SC2 is not ambitious game that it is now a simple game. No, Supreme Commander 2, all the same, only changed. It is not easy, it is simplistic, the fact that the economic part is easier, it means nothing, but the tactic has become more complicated due to 'the Tree Studies. "Sequel continues to scale, just dropped the cards that still larger than in any other RTS. So, if you want to arrange a huge battle in the network, or play with friends against the AI, it is game you are fit and worthy of a license. If you want to play it because of history, we advise you not to buy it. Let's itogiGrafika: 8/10Muzyka: 9/10Syuzhet: 5/10Igrabalnost: 8/10Multipleer: 10/10 Total Game gets 8 / 10, due to poor single game. Discussion of this review in this issue

Carolina Strap

You’ll be kissing the feet all the girls one by one, and we select the best, Tez who better kiss, who is better and humiliating wallowed in our legs. 2. Close your eyes and you’re on the scent Our feet have to define each of us. 3. The next competition, who works better language: I will lay on the floor sour cream, enjoy it, nothing, and you’re on speed Slizh it. 4. Then pony-contest: each will ride one of the girls on home for speed and endurance.

And a couple of contests. Thus began! – So, now let’s sum up – Veronica took the leaf and began to read. – Most points at Lesco, then turn. Worst of all from Shalavki and Vova. The award for first place – they will be allowed to eat and drink when they want, within reasonable limits on time of course, well second zatsmetsya Diana. Yes, Diane? – No, no, I’m exhausted and the arm is tired – said Diana.

– Then I’ll do, work out at the same time – proposed Carolina. Rewards and punishments were swift. It was on this evening much more interesting. The girls were resting, and not just relaxing, but also having fun, enjoying their power. One has only to say about the issue Angelica, she reminded him: – So you tell me and explain about the permanent toe strap? How is it? Now show. Carolina, you’re a slave zaginaesh cancer? He likes? Of course, almost taught and taught, even an orgasm to catch on this – the girl said proudly. – Come on then let us show Angela Thing one, over your experiment a slave? – No problem, what do you want? – What will you do it more precisely to order, so take it and tell him to wear it. Carolina took strapon, look Vitka ordered to wear it. Servant was immediately undress, not even smutivshisi without thinking – could be seen training. Then he began to turn this device, but did not understand – what and how. Carolina only knew meaning of “constant wear and smiling said: – to dress, what would he strap was inside and behind. Victor did not understand, then she walked Carolina, put him strap, combined with ordinary melting. And forced herself. Slave tried to do it, his face streaked and pain and humiliation neudobstvoi. When he still stood at full height, then she saw just a guy in a bathing suit and could not see even the strap inserted into it. – Well you? – Wow, what a class, nobody even sees, and he was so humiliated now! – Angelica exclaimed and suggested: – And let’s make it go? – Exactly. Fast walk, a slave. Vic began pacing the room in front of the girls, sometimes in front of him tears started, but he suffered: he had no right povazyvat their emotions, he was a jerk, he was a man in power Majestic Women. And when one of the girls suggested that he had walked all night, he had no choice how do get on your knees, albeit very slowly so as not to cause yourself more pain, and said with a bow: – As you wish!. From that moment until late in the evening he had walked with a strap.