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Technological Gadgets

It is a time only for you and your project or plan of work.In that space of time you concentrate and you focus your work. You establish objectives and priorities. You see where you are and towards where you go. Also it is the time in which you carry out the most important tasks without interruptions. YOUR TIME OF APPROACH they can be 15 minutes or one hour (what you can or you consider suitable). IT TRIES TO FINISH WHAT YOU SET OUT DURING THE DAY. Once you center your objectives and you organize your time around them will be easier to you to fulfill them. Thus you will feel more decisive, more vital, and will be able to continue advancing.

IT SELECTS, IT PRIORITIZES AND IT LEARNS TO SAY not now. Whenever possible, you do not become jumbled in many projects nor obligations until you are not closing subjects.Pon attention to which you say yes and to which you say no. Of all the tasks that you are carrying out what is important to reach your objectives and what it is not it? THE USA THE TECHNOLOGICAL GADGETS WITH COMMON SENSE. You spend the stuck day to the moving body, Blackberry or iPhone? Sometimes, these apparatuses absorb our attention in such a way that we lose ourselves what happens around in the world to ours. Recently it told me to a friend that she arrived behind schedule at a meeting with a client. He entered the elevator and so was entertained writing an excuse message, that did not realize that the client was to his side, elbow with elbow in the same elevator, seeing as he all nervous one wrote at two hands trying itself to justify virtually. The new technologies are wonderful and they facilitate the life to us, but well-taken care of with the excessive use that sometimes we do of them. Clear that distractions will arise and you will have to be flexible during the day, but it remembers that to have a work plan, to spend to every day a time to center it, to prioritize, and to use gadgets with common sense they are 4 you rule that a little focused in your day will help you more to mantenerte day.