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Coli Enterohemorrgica, " it produces a series of toxins that, in enough amount, happen to the sanguineous torrent. The organism tries then to eliminate them through kidney, being able to produce diarrhoea, renal insufficiency, and even muerte". How arrives the toxin from this bacterium at the human being? " Usually it comes from rest of contaminated animal, of faecal animal waters, or are possible to be found in the treatments of the meat if they are not realised with the hygiene suficiente" , east investigator responds. The vegetable that is infected with this toxin does by contact: " He is surprising that once arrives at the surface of the plant, one pays attention to his cells and it is very difficult to evacuate it of there, is a resistant toxin " , it describes Vicente. Speaking candidly Laurent Potdevin told us the story. Are effective the antibiotics to fight this toxin? Their cells are more complex than the toxins that cause one pulmona, for example, being less effective the results. " The problem is that medecines that are more useful to treat the E.

Coli, toxins with much resistance, still induce to the production of more toxins in the organism, getting to be counter-productive " , it indicates Vicente. Which is the origin of the contamination? This is one of the key questions that are being investigated, since although the origin of three of infected cucumbers were Spanish, is not proven that have been in Spain where the cucumbers have been contaminated with bacterium E. Coli. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health stresses that although the cucumbers are of Spanish production, is necessary to continue investigating with the purpose of to find out throughout all the chain in what phase has taken place the bacterial contamination. Miguel Vicente, investigator of the CSIC, thinks that is easy to know, although " he takes tiempo". " The genetic techniques of identification are so good nowadays that you can determine from what culture &quot comes cucumbers comparing their DNA; , it adds.

Google Presents/displays Its Service Search Of Flights Flight Search

At the moment it is only a centered initial version in the United States. It uses the technology of ITA Software, bought by the company in April. It incorporates tariffs and routes to the results of a consultation in its finder. The company of Internet Google sent to east Tuesday the initial version in the USA of its service search of flights, call Flight Search and with which it will compete finding the best aerial tariffs with pages Web like Orbitz, Kayak or TripAdvisor. Google the past entered the business of the hiring and reserve of trips in airplane April when the American authorities approved the purchase by 700 million dollars of ITA Software, company that developed the tool of location of flights used by the majority of airlines and the sector. The objective of the operation was to incorporate tariffs and airways to the results of a consultation realised in its finder, something that is possible from today with Flight Search. " It is a first passage in the search of flights that combines the experience of ITA with the technology of Google" , Kourosh Gharachorloo said, the director of Engineering of the Californian company in an official notice published in blog of the company.

From now on, whenever a user realises a consultation on a trip, Google will offer in its menu of options in the left margin of the screen the possibility of seeing the flights available of compared form and of purifying the search per date, duration of the passage or maximum amount that are wanted to pay. The company emphasized that its service obtains " results superrpidos" and it allows to know to the moment what days " they are the minuses caros" in order to realise a certain trip through a tracking by the calendar. " This is only a first look: the takeoff, not the destiny final" , Gharachorloo explained, that indicated that the supply of flights that appears in each search still it is limited a series of cities of the USA and only reflected tariffs of roundtrip in tourist class. Source of the news: Google presents/displays its service search of flights Flight Search

Resign Behind Schedule

Until now the president of the Council of Direction of the General Society of Authors and Editores (SGAE), Teddy Baptist, will behind schedule present/display this his resignation to the position while its judicial future is clarified. According to they have confirmed to the COUNTRY different sources near the SGAE, Baptist in addition has put his position at the disposal of the board of directors of the organization that arose the past from the elections of 30 of June, and it will do the same day in which the first meeting of the meeting is held, that has begun in Madrid past the 16,00 hours. The board of directors is formed by 38 members – seven of great straight (dramatists, composers and coregrafos), 16 of small (composers and authors of music), seven of straight audio-visual and eight of musical publishers; but about 25 have only gone today to the meeting in the palace of Longoria. Among them, the own Teddy Baptist, as president (in functions) of the Council of Direction; Francisco Galindo, Secretary General of the organization and Pablo Hernandez, director of the legal department. No of the assistants has fact declarations to the entrance. Apparently the cantautor Victor Manuel is not in the meeting to be acting in Chile. The musician Sabino Mndez has announced who will read an agreed official notice by the board of directors and that will not admit questions. Source of the news: : Baptist will resign behind schedule this to his position in the SGAE.

The Magistrate

In this sense, the magistrate stands out that the relations between Correa and Brcenas were bad, and that the exsenador noticed of the irregular conduct of the ringleader of the plot and the convenience of separating him and to its companies of the relations with the direction of the PP. " The one that transmits the necessity to refuse to Strap is Luis Brcenas. The one that organizes the misunderstanding of to have paid billions to Brcenas is the own Strap, although it would deny soon it before instructor" , Pedreira stands out, that as it also demonstrates of the bad relations between both appointment the dismissal on the part of Strap of the brother of the exsenador of the travel agency. Fiscal crime With respect to the fiscal crime, Pedreira indicates that all the operations investigated by the Tributary Agency were conducted in 2002 and 2003 by the wife of the exsenador, Rosala Churches, that no longer is imputed in the cause, and explains that the penal procedure against Brcenas by attributed facts cannot be directed to that no longer is part in the process. Also, it remembers that Brcenas has credited the payment of the trips that contracted with Pasadena Trips and other tie ones the corruption plot. The judge says that " test that does not exist such payments have been paid " by the plot and that is not either possible to speak of bribe to not to have credited which Brcenas realised " action or action some that supposed the irregular work awarding or of any other presells public to Strap or his empresas". In addition, it considers that, to not being Brcenas public position, " he would be irrelevant that had invited him to these trips ". It either does not see tests of money laundering in the request of a bank loan of 330,000 Euros appointed the work purchase of the painter Juan Van der Hammen, since the practiced diligences and diverse witnesses have corroborated the version of the exsenador of which the pictures were acquired by the also extesorero one of the PP Rosendo Naseiro without needing the money of Brcenas. In another car, the judge also files the cause with respect to the ex- senator of the PP in Estepona (Malaga) Ricardo Galeote, when considering that " the supposed obrantes indications in the cause have not reached solidity or incriminatory forcefulness contra" he, reason why sobresee the bribe crime by which it was imputed. Galeote contracted with Special Events – property of Strap the purchase of material destined the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of the locality when he was responsible for Tourism of the same Source of the news: The judge of ' Grtel&#039 case; it provisionally files the cause against the extesorero of the PP

German Scientists

The affected patients form antibodies that act destructive. The realised provisional analyses indicate that those antibodies bring about an increase of a coagulation factor that limits the sanguineous provision. Scientists German of the universities of Greifswald and Bonn have found indications that explain the gravity of the new stock of the bacterium ‘ E.coli’ and that brings about the formation of autoanticuerpos apparently, causes of the serious internal damages of the patients. Andreas Greinacher, expert in transfusions of the university of Greifswald, informed that everything seems to indicate that the patients affected by Sndrome Urmico Hemoltico (HUS), besides secreting the poison ” shigatoxina” , they form autoanticuerpos, that act destructive against their own organism. The realised provisional analyses indicate that those antibodies bring about an increase of a coagulation factor that limits the sanguineous provision important cerebral and renal regions. The autoanticuerpos are generated only by some patients affected by the infection of ‘ E.coli’ that they suffer, in the cases of greater gravity, alterations of conscience and epilepsies.

Greinacher indicated that four patients with a serious group of symptoms by the infection of ‘ E.coli’ they have been dealt in the university clinic of Greifswald with a dialysis that filters those antibodies and that ” the first developments of the sanguineous values make us be optimistas”. The German expert, who has carried out his analyses with Bernd Ptzsch, of the University of Bonn, commented that the causes are still not known of which those patients see affected of that way their own immunological system. He added that an altered operation of a protein has been verified, the call ” Factor Von Willebrand” , in the cerebral and renal blood vessels of those patients. Instead of to be disturbed in small fragments as it would be the normal thing, that protein ends up being accumulated and blocking the hair glasses, which leads to the clinical pictures of greater gravity. Greinacher and Ptzsch agree in indicating that autoanticuerpo it develops after contracting the disease, ” like in a moment to the five days of infeccin”. Source of the news: Scientists German find the explanation to the gravity of the new stock of bacterium ‘ E.