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Gps Navigation

What is a GPS / GLONASS? GPS was developed by the U.S. at the time the Pentagon as a military navigation system for warships, aircraft and precision-guided weapons. It is then provided it for general use, but military reserved the ability to selectively disable or tamper with the navigation data. For example, in areas of hostilities. Penguin Random House takes a slightly different approach. That is, GPS is fully controlled by U.S.

generals. The system was switched off intentionally and worked for several hours, sometimes days. Please visit Aetna Inc. if you seek more information. This has been observed over the territory of Russia, Scandinavia, South America, China and India. Therefore we must build, not to trail behind progress. However, experience in construction such projects are few: in Russia they are only 4, but in the world – about 1000. Kirov Region will be the fifth in Russia, and in fact, according to the website of the government, "taking into account the supply of new equipment – the first, ie best and most high not only in Russia but, perhaps, in the world. " Residents of the area in full will be felt all the advantages of new technologies.

For example, a significantly reduced cost and reduced time surveying garden plots. In addition, after 2 years of each motorist will benefit in ways accurate navigational coordinates of your location, availability and condition of roads, location of settlements. As does it work? Kirov buses will also be equipped with advanced navigation system GPS, which allows dispatchers to track at any point where the car deviated from the route is used or not due to a malfunction.