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Behaviour Excessive

This is a query that made me a reader of my blogs about the excessive barking of his dog and I assure you that if you have a dog and you can not stop barking make this information can change your life and bring you much peace. Viviana consulting: Hello Doctor, first thanks for the help and advice you do not give to everyone, are really very valuable and help us awfully. In this opportunity I need help, is I have a dog called Puky approximately 1 years old. My problem is I can not take it out into the street followed by lack of time. Well the problem is his excessive barking, sometimes I'm watching TV and listening to any noise from the street barks and barks strong and restless. Please ask you a trick to remove these "attacks Bark", I no longer barking desperately therefore, is that noisy at home, not to do and neighbors are already too annoying.

It's a dog that makes me so, for example if I ask it feels to feel, if I ask you to come and is coming when I say NO also obeys, but the only problem is its excessive barking when she hears other dogs barking, or when you hear some noise from the street or hear pyrotechnic too, when I say NO barks but continues to bark, if you can advise me I can do please. From already thank you very much. Here my response to the consultation of Viviana: Viviana Hello: First I want to say that although the behavior of a dog not to the liking of its owner or which causes any problems does not mean that the dog's behavior was "abnormal," but can be in this case treated as a "Natural Behaviour" perfectly normal but undesirable and annoying dog to its owner.