The Messenger

Fantastic. Elon Musk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We'll go as long as you want and your family we can provide. Too bad there will be winter and we can not walk too much, Mabel said sadly, but due to our work, we can never go in the summer, so you'd better think about how to enjoy it. During the following days, Mabel is not often questioned whether he had done right or wrong, to leave his family to settle in Madrid, began in silence to do so. Here I found the love of my life, which gave me the opportunity to have a home and this wonderful family that I have, I thought. Uruguay would be in another amor of my life I would have given something like this? Were your questions.

He knew no one on earth could answer these questions, but could not help but have them. He also knew that Alex really filled his life and that alone justified his residence here. Anyway, I thought it would have been fine, that everything that had he had found in Uruguay. But no one can hope to have it all according to your wishes, it was said, but the next day he inquired. I was wondering about this when the phone rang. It was Sophie who called Alex to tell him that Joey was sick. Mabel listened carefully to what Sophie told him, and promised that Alex would be reported by Messenger when he returned from work. Tell me what time to be home? he asked.