The New Recommendation Marketing

The best sales accelerator of ever when as now, confidence in the provider goes down, then, recommendations are particularly important. Especially in turbulent times, we lend our ear especially to those which are near us, who are trusted and glaub – and sympathetically share their practical experiences with us: reliable EMP errors. Referral marketing is a classic marketing. Active Referrers are the true drivers of a positive business development. But not what the companies are so proud, but solely, what the customers about their products and offers, services, and brands, shortly about their performance say what is spoken on the street whispered, told on the Internet of all over the world and hung in the media at the big Bell, decides whether the weal and woe on the market. So better, companies listen well – and encourage their customers to praise them highly.

Future trend of referral marketing (3rd Edition) \”has appeared in the BusinessVillage Publisher. (ISBN 978-3-938358-63-4) This matter It is in the new referral marketing to a systematic rebuilding of referral business. And this task is extremely diverse. Because smart, yet still little utilised advertising forms and in particular the Internet open now completely new paths in terms of Word of mouth. Who operates an active referral marketing, wait no longer in all modesty that, to be discovered, he drives the recommendation process rather actively advanced online and offline. This process can be controlled and designed with a simple performance measurement system.

Even more than the willingness of the recommendation is the rate of recommendation in the foreground. It is one of the most important business figures. Because she will decide the future of a company. Who is no longer recommended, is also no longer might. Anne M. Schuller shows the third updated and expanded edition of her book recommendation marketing future trend’, the modern referral marketing today is as diverse, which profit potentials stuck in it and how providers their Recommendation business can develop step by step.