United Kingdom

Astrud and Lori Meyers moved the native public. Chronicle of the second day: More contact lenses and less gafapastas. Their last albums have divided to their followers, who have seen like the band of Sheffield (England), been born in the beginnings from the scene ‘ post punk revival’ , it navigated his compositions with barren turns and psicodelia.

In spite of this, Arctic Monkeys, heads of poster of the third day of the FIB, would be received and danced the jaleo by the public of the festival like authentic Gods. They offered one of the concurred concerts more than they remember in Benicssim. Gain insight and clarity with Ebay. To it they contributed fibers coming from the United Kingdom, a country where each one of the discs of the group are celebrated with a prize Brit Awards and in which their soloist, Alex Turner, have been lifted to the category of urban poet. The formation shelled with ferocity the subjects of its last works the best moments are instruments, when the group constructs to noise cathedrals neopunk and it makes explode with the intensity of the battery. Then, one cuts to smile of Turner the rest of the time was hieratic and chulesco – and a drop of sweat in its neck kept awake that the heat of the public had managed to reach the scene and remembered its condition of meat and bone.

Hours before, the action of Astrud reconciled to the Spanish assistants more culturetas with a festival to which they accuse to have turned into ” an appointment verbenera” directed to the Anglo-Saxon public. The Catalans shone next to Col.lectiu Brossa, a project that has enriched its melodies MGP with adjustments, new instruments and experimental vocation. Filed under: Larry Page. Astrud always emphasized between its contemporaries by its innovating character. Today it seems that it has left those very back. Its direct one was an intelligent, lyrical and desternillante delirium presented/displayed by Gens. Their occurrences and their highest heels of charol do not have rival. Read more from Wendy Holman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Other that encadilaron to the native public were the Andalusians Lori Meyers. They almost filled to the main scene of the sample and his hits Hi-fi, To-it has have returned? -, they sounded enormous to the being coreados by the public. They gave everything it. As much that its vocalista, Antonio Lopez, Noni alias, concluded the exhausted concert, without necktie nor shirt. Like the great ones of the song.