Use Of CRM – A Way To “normal” Customer Service

We have already written about how to save with CRM-systems, improve the efficiency of working with problem debts in the process of Collection (Collection), etc. Today we look at CRM-blog the lead consultant to implement Oracle Siebel crm Anatoly in where the author talks about the need to use the CRM-system in the banks. For clarity, the author of “simulated” sample service the same client on the same type of question in two different cases. In the first case branch of the bank without the use of CRM-system, while the second – with the use of process automation of customer service. Despite the ironic manner of presentation, the post involves some serious issues with we have to face when visiting the majority of retail banks. Moreover, the example shows that even when creating a single customer profile in the CRM-system, which will display all the basic information on the client, including contact and information on all registration of the transaction, and will be made effective management of sales of banking products, we can obtain a positive effect.

All we want to get a decent service and the desired result is already in his first address to the bank, and not wander in the maze “of any contact center. And the version of the negative result – it is also the result of “not many suits Unfortunately, the staff Bank, as a rule, lacks the most elemental – motivation. They are not interested in the result. Thus, a system. But even if the enthusiasm and there, the employee loses the fuse due to the huge number of “Nonproductive” operation, which he will do. In contrast, CRM-systems, which should be kept all the information on the client, in domestic banks “operate” a set of separate specialized systems (eg, transactional). There is a functional approach to automation, that is manifested all the features we have described in a post about different approaches to the implementation of CRM-systems. Of course, it can be argued the feasibility of CRM-systems in domestic banks, but it’s not for nothing is “Who wants to, he looks for opportunities, but who do not want, he is looking for excuses.