Walks Toward

If we think about it, the beginning of this year is not encouraging. The wave of the economic crisis continues to feel his devastating power, what tsunami, destroying the best expectations. Large conglomerates and entrepreneurs feel disgruntled, and what about the medium-sized and small, and more still, of employees who live with the uncertainty of not knowing if they will arrive at their posts the next day. Again, the scene isn’t encouraging. The cost of living increases each day and those who feel it most are those who must do their utmost to survive on a dollar a day. However, the illusion of consumerism we distracted by moments. In what House there one or two TVs, a computer, a team of sound, cell phones, etc.? Of course, I’m not saying that these things are bad, because what is worrying is not to be taken, but that this replaced a reflection on the way that we have chosen to live our lives. Very careful.

But we must be very careful. These grim scenes should not do that we try to deal with any boat that announce a promised land flowing milk and honey, and of these ships there in profusion on the web nowadays. The truth is that regardless of the promises that politicians, web sellers, employers or anyone else make us, most importantly that we identify once and for all, what objectives we want to achieve. It is true that all promise to be the choice to achieve what we want, but the decision we make must be based on knowing that within ourselves we are doing the best for ourselves and for those who love. I can not tell how to evaluate an opportunity, because, contrary to what many people meant to, the opportunity cannot be assessed with a scientific method. Each examine it contrasting it with his own dreams, goals, ideals, and only then will make its decision.