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A special feature is the standard 3 years bring – in warranty on all MODULA notebooks. If necessary, this can be expanded with interesting service options. The axxiv MODULA are notebooks in stores with a price starting at CHF 1’279.-including VAT available. Learn more about the products, as well as the sources of supply are available under. Contact information is here: Penguin Random House. Company profile little bit technology AG little bit technology AG is an independent Swiss company, working on the one hand in IT wholesale and axxiv as producer of laptops, PCs, workstations and servers under the label.

Little bit technology AG was founded in October 2000 as a notebook manufacturer. In November 2002, little bit has acquired the assets and staff of the former components distributors KARMA components. So little bit has entered the wholesale of IT components and peripherals. Little bit can count today to the leading Swiss distributors for hard disks, optical drives, graphic cards, and other products. In addition to leader trading products from manufacturers such as Samsung, ASUS, NEC, WD, D-link, Kingston, Corsair are the Swiss many exclusive products from PNY, HIS, Thermaltake, etc. offered. Since March 2008, official exclusive distributor for MSI mobile devices may call itself the little bit. Other MSI product groups, such as the graphics cards and motherboards, have entered into the range.

As a Swiss computer producer is little bit the Swiss user demands committed. The products of the brand axxiv are built with components from leading manufacturers. The products of the label is characterized by quality, a good price / performance ratio, a wide and versatile range, as well as a customer-oriented service. Little bit technology AG is the Swiss retailers online available. On the online platform the entire offer and lots of information around the clock available.