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Personally I still see interesting use of Wikipedia, but just for concrete, cold and scientific data of mathematical, physical issues or distribution of accidents geographic for everything what you include or everything that can influence a social and/or political, Wikipedia is not the best point of reference to find information, because it is deformed or better said snuggled to the interests of some their librarians. With this article I don’t want to say that Wikipedia need to close or that all librarians should be dismissed, but yes I say that the head of the Wikipedia Foundation should take action on the matter and look for his creation, so that this remains, free. By the way, despite Wikipedia, because life neither begins nor ends in it, information can be found of Jotabe rhyme in;. articuloz. com/Poesia-articulos/Rima-jotabe-una-nueva-Rima-para-la-Poesia-985229. HTML. poetasdelmundo. com/verNot.

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