Anxious Solitude

Constant serenity the concern nothing decides in the life of the people. The well carried through work in today provides the peace in the future and keeps serenity in the gift. When the Human being to look inside of itself the answers for all the things will live more tranquilo. Anxious solicitude for the life Which of you, for anxious that it is, can add cvado to the course of its life? Evangelho de Jesus according to Lucas, CAP. 12:25.

Who walks worried About the day that still comes, Lives annoying not believing nobody. The anxiety opposes, Makes of the man a villain, It lives irritated and pra nothing has solution. It never finds an exit For what it has to carry through, Because the anxiety, Makes the man to stumble. It grinds and remi thoughts Without finding measured convenient, Because the anxious one only Lives and discontents. It finds that it is abandoned, even Doubts the Creator, Loses all the confidence, Because it doubts the Love.