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This is a good time to show them to other people. Some useful tips for sociable puppies:. Keep them in a room with TV and radio. . Keep a phone nearby. .

It leaves children to raise them. . Leaves that they are loaded by adults. . Let that run and walk around different surfaces. . Speaks out loud and low.

. Leave that other animals (which are reliable with puppies) cats, pigs, rabbits, etc. know them Make sure that interact with your MOM and the other dogs you have. However, there are some things you should not do new puppies:. Do not expose them to other dogs that are not yours until they have all their shots. . Do not carry them to the park before having all their shots. . Don’t let people to charge them without first washing your hands. . Don’t let that puppies are exposed to too much heat or too cold. . Keep them away from doors and Windows. . Don’t let that be about erotically. . Do not move away them many minutes of the mother while they are breastfeeding. . Don’t eat anything other than your puppy food until they are old enough. Raising puppies in the first 8 weeks will be interesting and will consume you time. There are some things that you will need in order to deliver good puppies:. That he is accustomed to use collar and leash. Out for short walks. He begins to train them. Then you appear their first teeth, around 6 weeks, please them canned food and solid food for puppies. Get socialized! Now, your puppies will be ready for their new homes! In addition, discover all the secrets to train your dog with dog training in: thanks and have a great day! April Sanchez original author and source of the article