Customer Service

Experts explain complex developments in the Customer Care Day 2010 Basel, the years of economic crisis and the emerging recovery gave important impulses for the developments in the field of customer service the 04 November 2010. Is experts in customer care day 2010 in Zurich, agreed to the PIDAS AG had invited on October 28. Current trends around the issues of employee motivation, social media, multichannel customer interaction and customer contact management were highlighted in several presentations and subsequent discussions. In addition, Gerhard Wanek, CEO of PIDAS AG presented the Central results of the customer service report 2010. The report is given annually since 2007 PIDAS AG in order to determine the Status Quo in terms of customer service in the Switzerland and Austria and to identify trends. At the customer care day 2010, Gerhard Wanek entered on the ten key findings, which currently delivers the report.

These include, for example, the significant difference in the self – and external perception of the customer service of many companies. In some places it is remarkable how much consumers and computer differ in evaluating customer service. In principle, one can say that consumers of the service as moderately good rate, whereas the company positively evaluate their customer service. This place”of course extremely dangerous, explains Gerhard Wanek. An explanation for this may be that about one-fifth of the companies does not measure the satisfaction of its customers.” Basically, the report certifies a growing sensitivity to the issue of customer service the company however.

Customer care is recognized as an important task increasingly in the management levels. Only the challenges to take often still lack effective approaches”, summarizes Gerhard Wanek. That not only the economic ascent and descent of in recent years had significant influence on customer contact management, David Nelles, consultant of virtual identity AG from Munich in his presentation pointed out game changer as social media customer management changing.” The development of the consumer, which occurs only as a consumer to prosumer, which actively engages the happenings in the company through the use of social networks and new opportunities for dialog and produces content in the form of published opinions even was at the center of his speech.