Guide Strategy

Ruben strategy is only as good as your spare implementacion would ensure that the design of a strategy that can not be implemented in all its scope and required deadlines will be, inevitably, a waste of time. A futile exercise. Usually a corporate strategy is elaborated as a document Guide to the entire organization. However, it should not regarded as a pile of useless papers made by chupatintas without anything more to do than staining papyrus and play golf. It is a set of high level, strategic plans rather than raise moths in the at the bottom of a forgotten drawer, should be analysed and disaggregated to consciousness in strategic plans above and specific to each unit of business, functional area and individual product market. In turn, these must be broken down into individual action plans corresponding to each working group and individual contributors who are part of the human capital of the organization. The goal of a Arriba venida corporate strategy is the provide the global vision of the need for individual action.

Its particular mission is to unite efforts around a common goal to all, where each has a determining role in the pursuit of collective goals. Put it this way the benefits of its implementation have an unquestionable logic. Then what is the cause of their failures? In fact, cabria analyze whether they are actually failures, as a general rule in countless aspects of life, the number of resignations to pursue a goal triples in integers to the amount of failures. As a starting point we should analyze the strategy in question. Regardless of position, responsibilities, or intellectual capacity, every contributor has the right and duty of questioning, without prejudice but with constructive critical sense, the strategy that follows the organization in which it plays. To do this you need to know it, not only what is but the Supreme purposes pursued.