House Plumber

Before this, at the time when I close my Office and I retire to go to my house (by the way I do) step two blocks from the House of appliances. And at that time something inside me tells me to go to verify if what I was told from Bs As. It was true. They were 20hs. passes and was missing an hour to the close of this business. I go to the same and ask to speak with the Manager: 7th match negative: I convey everything that had happened and I find with surprise that knew nothing of the change from plumber and that authorisation had come but on behalf of the former plumber. Therefore ask the Manager to call Bs. As.

(when they had said that they contacted the Manager actually had done so only with the head of reservoir and the change of data of the plumber had not materialized). Made the call and at my insistence is finally reported the change of data of the plumber and ask that before this be informed also the head of deposit (so that in that way were two individuals having knowledge of the operation), to prevent another coincidence, that when the next day was my plumber, if the Manager circumstantially not present at that time, avoid thereby the Thermo was not delivered. 8Th match negative: this height seemed a professional Boxer because he was dodging one after another negative matches coming me to hit me one after another without break. However it still lacked the last. Before I go in the room wanted to verify which was the thermos brand X who had bought and I find that the Thermo had informed to deliver was actually mark and. Because I could not believe it, imagine if the next day my plumber who had order to withdraw a thermos of brand X has had found with that change.