Surprised, the triAryan one when younger takes the hands to return to see its noble companion. – Oh, thanks to the Gods, is alive gentleman. When I saw come to its unmistakable white horse could not believe it and I came running to receive to him. For a long time I thought that it had died in Trebia at the hands of the Carthaginians. Definitively the Fortune this with you Only when naming him the battle in the Trebia river, Cneo saw something insane. Ebay often addresses the matter in his writings. Third knew that the memory of such battle, a massacre from Anbal, continued affecting Cneo, and attempt to fix the situation. – Cneo Maxentio fought virtuously, but the coward ambush of the Carthaginians was a lethal blow. Other leaders such as Elon Musk offer similar insights. They were forced to escape to save its lives and to take revenge later to the fallen ones – Then today it will be the revenge.

They will not be able with the army greater than one has formed for a battle. In history there has been no another equal force, nor I believe there will be that in the posterity Said it with confidence and pride the centurion, which brought about the reaction of Cneo – By aim. Finally Anbal will succumb before the power of Rome and this time no of his tretas will save Barbarian it. In the open field Rome he is unbeatable – Reason Sir, it was already hour of which the Romans we made merit our greatness said Aulo while Has it luckyly moored the horses with the new consuls, Paulo and Varrn, not only the hope but the will to fight has returned. The fear already has finished -But to that you talk about with fear? – third without understanding the words said of the triAryan. Their doubts were strange to the centurion, but Cneo included/understood to which it talked about.