Olive Oil Cosmetics

The positive effects of olive oil has been known since antiquity. Olive oil exerts its wonderful effect not only through the absorption into the body through food, but also in cosmetic preparations. Cosmetics made with olive oil is characterized by its particular implications. It has the best Rckfettungseigenschaften, feeds and nourishes the skin. Even in allergic products with a high percentage of olive oil are popular because they are completely free from irritation. Allergy and atopic dermatitis patients can cleanse your skin and hair with pure olive oil soap. Pure Olive Oil Soap contains no additional surfactants and is free from animal ingredients. The pure soaps are produced by Versiedung of oil and have a natural green color. Olive oil is now incorporated into all care series. In shampoo it provides gentle cleansing and velvety hair. The hair is not too much scoured, the sensitive scalp is spared. Face cream with pure olive oil, connect well with the natural sebum,draw a good and nourish the skin into the deep. In many other natural oils instead of creams are cheap petroleum-based substitutes used, since they can be preserved longer. These products are like a film on the skin and provide only superficial protection against environmental influences. Creams and body lotions with olive oil make the skin velvety soft and supple. The best way to pay it on after a shower on the still moist skin, then the olive oil exerts its best features. Especially dry, itchy skin will benefit from treatment with these natural products. Olive oil cosmetics is so mild that they are fit for the whole family. Even in baby care, olive oil is to use well.