Can anyone explain how you feel about your loved ones? The art is also a mystery, nature escapes any definition. I understand that my approach is not at all scientific. juan manuel1 8) When do you think of the best ideas? When intense situations alive. 9) Three creative ideas that you would like to have happened to you. I approach it. 10) When, how did you begin to see yourself as an artist? Fifteen or sixteen I started to channel my expressive needs drawing almost every day, but it came before was a game, gave me nunca.Se raised naturally. 11) Why do so many artists and creators have volatile personalities? The need to show what we do (what we are) reveals an exhibitionist trait that can only be born of a conflict, pain, an urgent need for affection, passions recognition.There rooted in dissatisfaction are very difficult to accept. If you do not go through what we feel that hurts us back into a monster and overflows.

That volatility could be called fear. 12) Do you consider yourself a postmodernist? I see Postmodernism as an age of skepticism, disillusionment, dissolution, lack of collective commitments of ecstasy masturbatory individualistic culture light. A huge ballroom Titanic.Tiene logic, many systems have failed, theories and projects. But do not consider myself a postmodernist. 13) How should one evaluate a work of art? No formulas.Cada one finds his own sense. 14) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up? I try to remember what I lived sonado.La feeling in the dream shows me how I feel, as I am.