Welding Semiautomatic

Welding semi-automatic with high productivity compared to manual metal arc welding with covered electrodes. Creation of welded structures with high technical and economic performance is directly associated with properly chosen method of welding. On how to correctly select the welding material and welding semiautomatic type depends on the quality of welded products. Recently, the welding industry increasingly are widely used welding with semiautomatic welding. The main criteria for choosing the semiautomatic welding are: ease of maintenance welding semiautomatic continuous duty load semiautomatic welding, semiautomatic welding mobility; possibility of quick and easy replacement of wire and the burner (this is ensured by the construction of feeder semiautomatic welding) quick setup of welding semi-automatic, semi-automatic welding Ability to work in a variety of conditions, semi-automatic welding is an arc welding device in which the welding wire is fed automatically by the feeder, and the formation of a weld is a welder-operator manually.

A distinctive feature of semiautomatic welding is its versatility. Welding semi-automatic welding and are used for mechanized welding. To perform specific functions equipped with semiautomatic welding torches of various kinds. Divided welding on semi-groups may be on the following criteria: At the type of electric power supply welding semi-divided into single-phase (220V) and three-phase (380V), At the type of welding semi-automatic layout share on single-hull model with built-in feeder and control equipment and a model with an external feeder and / or remote control devices; At the wire feed welding method can be divided into semi- pulling, pushing and pulling, pushing, The type of regulation of wire feed speed semi-automatic machines are divided into a model with a stepwise, gradual or mixed control; At cooling type torch welding semi-automatic divided into a model with natural or artificial cooling (air or water / gas, respectively); By way of security experts define the arc welding semiautomatic following categories: for welding flux for gas-shielded welding, welding wire without special external protection, and universal; At the wire type semi-divided into semi-solid steel welding wire, soft wire, aluminum alloy powder (self-shielding) wires, as well as universal models By type semi-automatic feeder can be divided into semi-automatic with one drive pulley and a few, should also be noted that the welding semi-automatic can be performed both in the form of stationary systems, and on the welding mechanism (in a figurative or trolley mounted), which moved during welding. Modern semi-universal, reliable, provide high speed and efficiency, as well as compact.