Charles Biderman

2. two comments about the stock market increase of 2.1. The price increase comes with little revenue: sales in the DAX moved 2007 in the medium to the 9 billion, this year there are 2.5 billion only. This means that fast also a strong correction can come back, because the increase is not broad-based. 2.2.

Executive and supervisory boards sell in large measure it’s no surprise their shares so that also the Insider sell your shares, and according to Charles Biderman, only a few insiders buy shares. Insider sales are sales of shares by the directors and supervisory boards of the respective company. And you should know best about the numbers and the value of AG. Obviously they deem them far less than how it is currently traded on the stock exchange. “Charles Biderman also asks: where is the money that the shares keep rising?” Source: Charles Biderman BloombergTV August 28, 2009 and conclusion: to not to to take big risk of loss, we are expanding the share only with caution, currently approx. 24%.

At the first sign of a possible major correction, we will sell it again. Even if this caution compared to the classic buy-and-hold strategy has resulted in a yield disadvantage this year, we will remain faithful to the commandment of small fluctuations. Two year term is the loss hedging strategy clearly at an advantage. See also in the Guide harmless due to the financial crisis”should not have the Guide on page 18 from the penultimate paragraph and page 19, you can request to him with us. One must wonder in the context, whether and to what extent you want to cross the border to speculate. This article does not mean that we are basically negative, on the contrary. We just believe that you should be still careful with investments in the stock markets based on above facts. If you have questions, I am like available. With best regards Franz Brandtner