Dry Cleaning and Car Polishing

Often, people who acquired new vehicles, ask: should we not put a car alarm or other equipment in a specialized center, not from an authorized dealer? But more often they are faced with problem of the warranty on the vehicle during such operations do not have dilera.Avtosignalizatsii and parktronics – this is the equipment we suggest you set for the protection and prevention of theft or burglary avtosredstva you purchased. After proving the necessity of their installation, you do not need the benefits of installing car alarms all izvestny.Parkovochny radar – or parking sensors, for some reason is not particularly popular among Forums – and absolutely nothing. After all, it will help you avoid small accidents, parking will tell you about a dangerous obstacle that imperceptibly out of the car, and display with built-in speaker will warn you about possible collision nezamedlitelno.Pochti every day we see on the roads, many cars with defects, apparently deposited in the parking lot: cars dented, scratched wings, broken rear bumper. After all, many cases, you just can not see obstacles, while inside the car during parking: overall items, columns, high bordyury.Kak you think that it is cheaper: buying a device “Parktronic” for 40-80 dollars, or more likely damages to other owners of cars and expensive repair your car?

Although almost every one of us the answer to this question is obvious: absolutely all machines must be running secure parking! What is the “parking assistant”? It is arranged in a very interesting principle of ultrasonic system for measuring distance to an obstacle in an emergency motion. During parking maneuvers, and it greatly helps the driver. Generated by sensors in the front and rear bumpers, ultrasonic signal is reflected in the range of detection of an object arising from the interference prepyatstviya.Otrazhennye ultrasonic signals are caught and fixed receivers – sensors, after which the instrument measures the time of the signal. To calculate the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle, the module management control “Parktronic” uses the time of the reflected signal and activates a buzzer trevogi.Vizualno available and clearly communicated to the driver’s knowledge about the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle. The brightness of display, in Depending on the range device “Parktronic” can be adjusted automatically or manually during installation ekspluatatsii.Montazh and parking radar “Parktronic” or car alarm installation in our centers is not cause for removal from the warranty for your new car in the salons of official dealers – in fact certificates that allow the installation of additional equipment to any cars, have all our showroom in providing tsentry.Dlya after installation to the client are provided with copies of our certificates in order to maintain warranty on the car. Our representative will immediately leaves for resolving disputes under warranty car dealership in the event of a problem situation.