Fill Inkjet Cartridges Independently

More and more people buying jet printer preference rather than a laser. This is understandable because the inkjet printer has several advantages over its competitor. First and foremost is the price. Price for an inkjet printer order of magnitude below the laser. The second print quality. In inkjet print quality is better, and have the ability to print in color.

In short order that would give preference to an inkjet printer benefits abound. The buyer, preferring to ink-jet printer, sooner or later begin to regret their choice. Minus the first inkjet printer is that at long a simple printer ink cartridge is dry. And this leads to the main disappointment of buying a new cartridge. Price from him such that involuntarily think, it cost me to buy office equipment repair as a new printer. But fortunately for you there is cost-effective solution to this problem.

It solution refill cartridge. Can do it with the help of experts, and with his hands. The following describes the sequence of actions for filling the cartridge. First, remove the cartridge from the printer. Next, remove the plastic cover the surface of the cartridge, so get to the filling of holes. Pierce the holes and insert the toothpicks for example. By the color of each of the toothpicks you can determine what to pour ink. Then take syringe, you can buy at a pharmacy or to take out medical kits. Fill the syringe with 15 ml of black ink and 5 ml of color ink. Insert the needle into the holes of the cartridge (Note: seasoning the cartridge by inserting a needle puncture the inner sponge distance from 0.3 to 0.6sm. upon further insertion of the needle may damage the cartridge) fill the place the correct color ink. If the ink will flow out, pull your back a little bit of ink cartridge that would not have been packed. Wash the syringe water, and dry, before the fact as to fill it with ink of another color. Thus, complete all the required capacity color ink. Secure plastic wrap in place. If the shell is damaged, you can Scotch tape to use, or tape. Now you can install the cartridge in the printer. Make a test printout. Thus it can be done cartridge refill hp, canon, samsung, xerox.