SALAMBC On Course For Success: More Than 100,000 Members

Leading Islam-business network seeks 200,000 members until end 2010 at Hamburg, SALAMBC May 26, 2010 the business network launched in late 2008 in Germany remains on track for success. The Hamburg-based startup is one of more than 100,000 registered members worldwide and every day added up to 1,000 new registrations from different countries. The two founders of RIAs A. Joyce and Farid Zafar are confident that they will crack the mark of 250,000 members until the end of the year. Managing Director Rahul is pleased about the rapidly growing membership figures, and especially with the positive response from Germany. According to the Joyce it is now also more and more German businessmen and companies on the platform who want to take their business activities in Islamic regions and environment and deepen. The business model of the future? Ahead of the strong national and international competition have Joyce respect though, but firmly believes in the success of its platform.

Their approach is different and more modern, here the future lies: We focus on a target volume, which far exceeds that of the competition. With the right cooperation partners, our business model is to foothold in the long term”, the CEO of Afghan descent is optimistic. SALAMBC is the world’s first and leading Internet-based business network for the Arab, Asian and Muslim world, with members from over 185 countries. The company positioned itself as oriental counterpart to XING and LinkedIn. Therefore, only transactions are effected going called Sharia, compliant with Islamic law, also. Those who have directly related to interest rates, alcohol, pornography or gambling, exclude from Salam Business Club the. Currently, a membership at the business network is still free.

Money you want here about integrated advance and later much like XING and LinkedIn – about premium memberships. About Salam Business Club the Salam Business Club was end 2008 RIAs A. Joyce and Farid Zafar launched and has its headquarters in Hamburg. As the first Internet-based business network, SALAMBC combines specially the Arab, Asian and Muslim business community with members from over 185 countries. Primary goal is to create a valuable and lucrative business level on the basis of Islam-friendly business activities. Also, SALAMBC is an optimal link between Muslim and non-Muslim countries, which want to mobilize your business relations or deepen.