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Travel Reports

Clear website with travelogues for destinations all over the world. Who wants to travel and new countries and new attractions searches, many will be interesting information on the new Reiserobo Web site, find current travel deals and experience reports to the various destinations of the world. Whether city or around the world, on the Mediterranean sea or the next winter holiday, under reiserobo.de people report what they have seen and tell where it is at its most beautiful. Reiserobo offers the latest travel bargains and interesting travel offers. The website reiserobo.de is linked with countless other travel Web sites and their information via RSS feeds from endless information around the topic of travel. So who everyone, what the current trends are, who prefer traveling where and where the holiday is the best and the cheapest.

Reiserobo addresses the needs of countless Reisewilliger with this offer, where the single search in the World Wide Web is too strenuous. Who wants to be up-to-date and accurately informed and without IFS and buts in the interest also wants to book will be even been paradise. The favorite travel destination can be entered through a convenient search function and information and current offers are really just two mouse clicks away. Those who are interested in the Alps, know that the Garda in the trend not only lies but also has become the most popular Lake with its many benefits for recovery addicts, love to visit the holidaymakers. Others who may share this opinion include Ebay. In the Lakes ranking he is number 1.

Who is on luxury travel and times so correctly noble wants to stay with the whole family, can rent a legendary Kempinski Palace Portoroz and indulge together with the whole family in the Mediterranean flair. At a low price, of course. Who ever to Mexico City was refused, and not quite has can consult Reiserobo, that the ruling of Mexico City have decided to open the specifically homosexual travelers door to receive them cordially. Not naturally selfless, but charming nevertheless. In the main city office opened specially for homosexual tourists, these guests can experience all possible tips for a pleasant stay in the mega-city without discrimination. A practical site that has to offer much information and offers many travel bargains. Makes sense also because the travelogues, which can contribute to the better decision when it comes to travel.

SinnerSchrader Group

November 30, 2009 spot media WINS gebr Heinemann of the Duty-Free sales of old-style to the modern retail brand: the travel trade is also set to innovation the gebr Heinemann. in 1969, gebr Heinemann has opened its first duty-free shops and in 1999 launched the brand travel value in life. Gebr Heinemann today operates over 179 travel value & duty free shops on 49 international airports in 19 countries. The company gebr Heinemann is a modern Hanseatic trading house, which operates different eCommerce applications on the Internet (E.g. under brands such as or) in addition to the activities in the stationary trade (as distributor, retailers and logistics companies) for about 10 years. Heinemann has fundamentally evolved the idea of travel value & duty free shops, the pilot shop in the airport Plaza Hamburg presents a surprising world of experience and extensive services on 1,400 m. The offer by the possibility already before your trip online at to book purchases is completed. The existing offer Magento will in the short term on the eCommerce platform migrated in the Enterprise version, to further demonstrate the capacity for innovation of the company on the Internet.

Thus, the existing platform, based on XTCommerce, is completely replaced by the more innovative Magento shop solution. In the first step, the shops for the airports in Hamburg and Frankfurt, as well as the shop integrated into the Fraport website should be realized on the new platform. The plans envisage the future implementation of more than 30 other shops, kiosk systems and Web services already. The gebr Heinemann awarded the budget for the migration of the existing shops by XTCommerce to Magento, the new implementation of the basic functionalities and the relaunch/launch of shops for Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and the integration in the Fraport website to the Hamburg-based online agency spot-media. The design of the shops should remain essentially unchanged, it is the first step to a technical consolidation. Even if first of all the basic functionalities stand in the foreground, to the new system can provide more complex and innovative features (E.g., product recommendations, bonus points system, Web 2.0 features, etc.).

The existing shop uses a number of external services (tracking via eTracker, search about FactFinder, shipment confirmation via SMS provider, subversion for version control, newsletters about eCircle), who also used in the new shop or customize to. spot-media has a Magento expert team through the successful implementation of numerous online stores. In addition, the Agency in the area of transactional processes and maintenance is specialized. The timing is adjusted to the speed of online trading, the implementation of the project takes place already in early 2009 with Hamburg as first shop. Whenever Dan Zwirn listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It follows Frankfurt in the spring, in the course of the year, all major sites to be connected gebr Heinemann in German-speaking Europe on the eCommerce platform. SPOT-MEDIA AG founded in 1996 is spot-media today a transactional – and maintenance-oriented online agency with Emphasis in the area of e-commerce. The range of services includes online stores, communities, image and company sites, online advertising, intranet, email marketing and content management systems. Currently nearly 100 permanent employees spot media serves clients such as Tchibo, Ernsting BBs family and Alice (HanseNet).

Heidelpay Zippo From

The new website of Zippo shines also offering new online-payment-Heidelberg, November 30, 2009. heidelpay (www.heidelpay.de) is now integrated into the new Web presence of the lighter manufacturer Zippo (www.zippo.de). Read more from Elon Musk to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Complete solutions for the secure payment on the Internet handles 3D technology for Zippo payment by credit card and T-pay online transaction table.. The digital miracle is available in the online-shop of redcoon.de. Without a doubt: The brand enjoys cult status. And Zippo products are far more than high-quality wind – and weather accessories for smokers they are rather lifestyle accessories for people with taste and sense for the special. It’s believed that Aetna Inc. sees a great future in this idea. The new website meets this requirement with the Zippo is online for a few days. Swarmed by offers, Dan Zwirn is currently assessing future choices.

The werbemacher based in the Westphalian Gescher (www.werbemacher.com) are responsible for concept, design, implementation and ongoing optimization of the new Zippo website. Marcus Diekmann, managing partner: Central task for the relaunch of zippo.de was to the a, the lifestyle positioning the company to implement in the Web. On the other hand it was establishing as a information platform zippo.de, where consumers can get appetite on the Zippo products, then buy them in the stationary trade.\” The first figures show that apparently successful,: so the werbemacher almost 42,000 visitors on the new Zippo website included within the first six days. The werbemacher have now heidelpay integrated secure online payment with heidelpay for visitors who prefer online instead of in the stationary trade want to buy your Zippo lighter, as a payment provider. The Heidelberg company handles the online payments by credit card and T-pay online bank transfer. Marcus Diekmann: We have looked at of course precisely in advance the market of the payment provider. Several factors have tipped the scales for heidelpay: heidelpay how Zippo a medium-sized company, corporate philosophy and corporate culture fit so good together is. Convinced the personal touch in handling have us ultimately with each other, the Conditions and the service of heidelpay, not to mention the high degree of flexibility.

1-2-3-Plakat.de Goes Local

New program version with new features just in time for the start in the new Aussenwerbejahr is the local trader the new version of the online tool 1-2-3 – Plakat.de (www.123plakat.de) available. Many new features and service functions, as well as a slight redesign of the user interface make the booking of large posters even faster and more efficient. Customers can as usual – fashion in three steps (1) design / upload, select (2) place, period, and Plakatstandort and (3) action book. The process was simplified again. Since the introduction of 1-2-3-Plakat.de, increasing the number of visitors and users. Already, each year approximately 8,000 local professionals, individuals, agencies and non-profits use the new outdoor online service.

After the relaunch of 1-2-3-Plakat.de to the portal, the known range is”under 1-2-3-plakat.de/locally housed. Also, this area is constantly optimized. In addition to the selection of individual poster sites in the desired location, the following service functions are new added: all locations can be shown in a map and directly booked online tool has a wide range of functions, such as E.g. the District selection. The advertisers can enter his site and see what billboards located in its environment for clients, helping with the design need, there is an own, additional agency service, consulting and creation of design, layout, and printing data. And at a service fee of EUR 200, including correction steps, up to the finished poster.

A very important innovation has been also assigned to this area on the 1-2-3-poster portal and harnessed for the user: an online tool for continuous and note advertising (www.123dauerwerbung.de). This special platform has over 300,000 advertising in whole Germany. The customer can here permanently secure the place of advertising and design its own advertising systems with the help of the map tools. This saves then troublesome descents in the corresponding areas.

Sophora In The Bayerischer Rundfunk

New content-management system scores on all levels of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) has restarted its multimedia portal on the night of October 26. For the relaunch under the name BR.de put the BR on the content-management-system Sophora of the Hamburger subshell GmbH. The decision for the new CMS Sophora scored with efficient technology and high operating comfort in all affected departments of the BR. Economic value added: data exchange without obstacles Toni Siegert, head of multimedia production at the BR: “Sophora has convinced from the outset transmitter internally. The CMS scaled technically excellent. Moreover we could easily integrate it into your existing infrastructure.

A data exchange without barriers is also in economic terms. a real added value for us” Editorial plus: multimedia without the overhead of the BR-multimedia editorial is possible from immediately a publication in different channels. “Popular programs like Schuhbecks my kitchen secrets”, the Rundschau”or Dahoam is Dahoam” can thus also online be obtained. The BR Portal is prepared for all currently foreseeable technical developments thanks to Sophora. Our new CMS supports a wide variety of applications and media and keeps the editorial overhead within narrow limits”, says Rainer low, head of the multimedia program and youth. The CMS Sophora has an editorial concept that is optimally tailored to the needs of modern editorial team.

So it offers a drag & drop, a built-in image editor and a schedule for the use of the teaser. Manufacturer support another point for the new CMS Sophora: it is constantly extended by the subshell GmbH, also for the support, the hamburgers are available. We are pleased that we can support the BR on his way into the medial future”, so Jan Boddin, owner and CEO of subshell GmbH. The technical introduction of Sophora in the BR was accompanied by the subshell partner Sybit AG. About subshell the subshell team specializes in the care of companies with high demands on its publication and content management. The customer base of subshell including Bayerische Rundfunk, Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung, the first, Hessischer Rundfunk, MDR, NDR, Radio Bremen, Saarlandischer Rundfunk, tagesschau.de include music Germany, WDR and ZDF, universal. The subshell GmbH was founded in 1999 with the aim, to depict complex processes into simple and fast software solutions for companies. There are currently 20 employees in the branch office in Hamburg’s HafenCity. Press contact: Ulrike Beckmann, concept + communication,

US American President

As of now, the search for products is even easier and clearer the Verpama AG has overhauled its online portal. The site now more modern, easier to read, and user-friendly than ever before is wrapped in a new design. Continue to learn more with: Aetna Inc.. On more than 130 bases, customers and business partners for information about all products and services. In particular, the navigation and display the product detail pages have been significantly improved and now better support customers as business partners in finding according to the desired information. Technically, the solution was implemented with Drupal (drupal.com), the world’s leading social publishing system. “Drupal is at whitehouse.gov, the Web page of the US American President, as well as for some of the largest and most modern Web sites (anolim.com/content/drupal) of the world.” Glove, CEO of Verpama AG and the Anolim team achieved through close cooperation between Mr Claude rapid implementation. The short implementation time and the high To meet quality requirements, we have employed the SCRUM development methodology of olim GmbH.

SCRUM encourages the achievement of objectives in a very flexible manner and allows a fast response time. Supporting our innovative project management and issue tracking system was used. This allows also a high transparency for all stakeholders in addition to project planning, the time – and issue-tracking and integrated documentation. In olim GmbH: Anolim (absolutely NO LIMits) is a creative advertising agency, is breaking new ground for the online acquisition of new clients with Web solutions and technologies. These are the areas of online sales, marketing & communication in the focus of our work. In the Centre of our cooperation is the understanding of the needs of our customers and a high quality which is achieved through optimal coordination between design and development processes.

Nursing Services

Rucker versions of services are past: now comes the Vonselbst settlement of Dusseldorf, the 01.03.2011: care services are aware of the problem: at the end of the month need to services, which were recorded in the patients on paper, re collected awkward on the PC for the settlement with the payers. That’s the past. Now there is a free app for all smartphones with the care services can save the work by the German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ). The mobile Internet is spreading thanks to cheaper smartphones on the basis of the Google operating system Android and always cheaper data rates up quickly. Soon, there will be more users, mobile dialing in to the Internet, as with the PC. This benefit also ambulatory care services. They can now capture with a brand new, Android-based app of the German medical data center maintenance services at the patient.

The whole thing is very easy and not even of the services is necessary,”Georg Mackenbrock says in the DMRZ for the Development is responsible. The nurse or the nurse could, so Georg Mackenbrock, just a select from menu the appropriate performance and you’re done. To change the type of service so they could also select from a menu via head pressure. 1Klick-Abrechnung remains the question of how the mobile app knows the individual services that are captured in the patients? This works through the innovative, Internet-based system of DMRZ. Care services simply use the free maintenance software on the Internet.

Under the complete package is available.Using the Internet-based software, the nursing Manager creates the insured, created a performance planning, plant tours and divides the employees. All entered information are now also on the Smartphone mobile available, because it connects to the Internet system of the DMRZ. In this way the care service can settle all services at the end of the month now clicking with the payers”, Georg Mackenbrock promises.

Bierling Site

New website gives good tips on how companies can use the Internet for business success. A few years ago it was somehow in the net while being still important”. Today, the standards for the successful presence on the Internet are vastly different. With the site are company in direct competition with the competitors. Potential customers gather information on digital way with the mouse. In recent years, the Internet has become nothing to the most important means of communication and distribution channel. The presence in the Internet opens up opportunities, not poorly conceived by one and outdated appearance missed company.

There are very many in the network. “The performances are often incorrectly programmed, cluttered structured, with randomly assigned content or even damage construction sites, which is why since nothing happens months also always.” Michael Pfeiffer, computer scientist, and at the same time initiator of bierling was gestern.de reported. Entrepreneurial action in the “Internet is like brushing your teeth: If content and backup is not maintained, it looks fast pretty old.” For the experienced programmer is clear: nothing is as old as the Web site yesterday. Aims of bierling was gestern.de therefore, to support medium-sized companies and individual entrepreneurs with 9 + 1 good tip, for example, how you can optimally use the Internet for business success with a limited budget for a successful online presentation. Drastic illustrating a certain Mr Bierling created a fictitious know-it-all, whose little qualified views met with constructive recommendations as a site on the net has to be.

Mathias Ratsch, designers and copywriters, conceptual design and texted the pages: it is important to understand the media that want to get orientation with just a few clicks as a quick source of information for potential customers. We want to win the company for more professionalism in the net by no means beer seriously, but with a Entertaining informative speech. Mr Bierling is our negative example, how not to do it.” It was fun visible both network partners, to bring many years of experience. Critical for the designer is, of course, the Visual design of this website: the goal here determines the means. Good design is always goal-oriented design. There are orientation, creates differentiation and imparts a distinctive identity. Since it may be very aware somewhat ugly at Baker, if it serves the purpose.” In this respect, the awfully nice designed sites of bierling was gestern.de fulfill their task: invite graphic to make it better and help all businesses that want to timely update your Internet presence. Selected reference examples of how it can go, more at can be found incidentally on the websites of the two initiators under and

Self-employed Without Much Equity

About opportunities in the Internet to earn, according to a study published in the year 2007 of the German Federal Statistical Office use 68% of the population aged 10 and over in Germany the Internet money. Many of these users and in particular the Group of up 54-year-old, going there almost every day, and for several hours on the Internet. If you look at the intense traffic of this medium, the question of why you should use the Internet not as a business area almost inevitably arises. “Just because you can reach here obviously up to 68% of the total population, while the foreign user” are still not included. Such Selbstandigkeiten in the Internet especially for those who want to or can not provide the capital bet, put in many business models are ideal. Besides money on the Internet make and to take no great financial risks, it is really implemented in the framework of certain.

A lot of time has to be invested but yet, otherwise it would be with the invention of the “Internet really the goose” has been developed and is unfortunately also today still quite unrealistic. Making money with relatively little equity capital, is however possible. To optimize such a website, where the tune is the really time-consuming, you can earn good money with embedding affiliate and partner programs. Prerequisite of making money here however is that the Web page is also found by Internet users, because only then you can list also advertising revenue. To meet this basic requirement, the side of the operator must be optimized, so designed, that it appears relatively high up in the search engines. Because all Web site operators pursue this goal, that’s actually time consuming this type of making money. Nina Edwards

Daniel Gors

Our Players are media broadly interested in and make their purchasing decisions online. Our marketing campaign also aims, in the cross-promotion with Immonet.de plays an important role.” Through the TGC the games company TGC the games company is an international publisher of computer and video games based in Berlin. TGC has internal development studios who realize all kinds of interactive entertainment software of high quality full-price games to order productions. Since its inception in January 2006, TGC-the games company released licensed products as well as productions and developments, primarily in the full-price segment. TGC is distinguished by a dedicated team with extensive industry experience and a strong network of partners.

2008 follow other high-quality titles for the PC and next-gen consoles. Since late 2007, TGC as a business unit of the 10TACLE STUDIOS AG. operates For more information, see and. About Immonet.de: Immonet.de is Germany’s cross-media Portal for the marketing of real estate and one of the leading real estate exchanges of in Germany, with more than 850,000 current listings per month online. The portal is visited by over 1.7 million unique users a month (Nielsen NetRatings, 08/2007). Thus, his real estate on the Internet at Immonet.de looking for already more than every third German. During the OnlineStar 2007 “, Europe’s largest Internet user award, Immonet.de in the category of”Money & career”reached the 2nd place, making it the most popular real estate portal in Germany. The Immonet GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axel Springer AG. Press contact Immonet.de: Daniel Gors lead corporate communications Immonet GmbH at the Strohhause 27 20097 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40/347-28935 fax: + 49 (0) 40/347-28888 E-Mail: Web: press