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Geography Education

When we think about industrial space and agricultural in Brazil, we have that to define boarding to be focada; to study space. We human gegrafos adopt the notion of Space analyzed for the marxist perspective; in this line we define the space as fruit of the relations of work throughout the history of the humanity. He is well-known that the man comes transforming the geographic space its return of this daily pay-history: initiating in the paleolithic period, through its migrations to collect food for its subsistence; however its parcel in the transformation of the natural landscape was lowermost; being only noticed in the known period as neolithic period. Where the man starts to intervene with the space its return through the domesticao of the plants and animals. More the transformations most well-known had been perceived when the man left of being nomadic and started to be sedentary and started to produce exedente to feed this fact made possible the sprouting of the villages in consequence cities the specialization of the man power. With the time the man developed varies techniques and methods to construct to the geographic space its return, the first forms of transformation of the space had been for the enslaved man power, immediately afterwards for the o system of vassalage (feudalismo), and only in the end of the period called age of the darknesses (average age), that the capitalist system in its more rustic form appears (mercantilism). The first plants had appeared in the Europe in century XIV AND XV, where its products were manufactured of artisan form, where the man power was manual, with the time the plants had been evolving and the same ones had started to manufacture the products, that is, the man power becomes started it specialized, with passing of the time, specifically in century XVII appears a called movement industrial revolution, this event became possible the introduction of the machines in the plants, starting to be called industry, and the production passed to be maquinofaturada.