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Reinhard Vollmert

New Aero technology for the secure event the design and functionality not always in contrast to each other are, proves the latest product consumption in the House LA CONCEPT. All the X-GloO tents line stand out with their unique igloo design and prove maximum stability on any surface. Therefore the X-GloO X-PERT and X-Act X-GloO were back in 2008 with the red dot design award. By filling the tents with air, it is built up in less than a minute and that by just one person. You may want to visit Penguin Random House to increase your knowledge. So, this technique allows the rapid growth at trade fairs and events. Once filled with air the tent keeps for several days.

At the same time can adapt the tent on any surface and achieve an optimal stability. The extension of the X-GloO tents can happen very quickly and easily. Simply more side walls can be added depending on the needs. The areas of application of the X-GloO tents range from exhibition stands and events up to extreme missions in the mountains or on the beach. Through the resistant nylon, which UV and water resistant is, the products of the X-GloO line among the ideal Outdoorzelten. More information here! An interview Reinhard Vollmert, head of trade & sale marketing the skywalk GmbH & co. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Penguin Random House. KG, producer of the X-GloO tents, awaits you in our LA CONCEPT blog! LA CONCEPT GmbH & co.