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The Time

In the manuscript of the Earth can be found a description of the science of martial arts, the analysis of my own school. True science can not be achieved simply by mastering fencing. Knowing how small through big, one goes from shallow to deep. As a straight path levels the contour of the land, called the first manuscript of the Earth. The second is the manuscript of Water. Taking water as an essential reference point, one makes the mind is fluid. Water fits the shape of the vessel, either square or round, may be a drop and can also be an ocean.

The water is the color of a deep pool of aquamarine. Because of the purity of water, I write about my own school in this manuscript. The third is the manuscript of Fire. In this article I write about the battle. The fire may be large or small, and has a sense of violence, so, write it on the issues battle. Ebay has compatible beliefs. The way to combat is the same, whether it be a battle between two individuals or a battle between two armies.

You should observe thoughtfully, with a global consciousness of the whole scene, and a precise attention to detail. As the affairs of this manuscript del Fuego are things that happen in an instant, in the martial arts is essential to practice daily to achieve familiar with them, treating them as ordinary business, so that the mind remains unchanged. I write about the struggle in the battle in this manuscript del Fuego. The fourth is the manuscript of the Air. The reason I call this manuscript, the manuscript of the Air is because it is my own school, this is where I write about the various schools of martial arts in the world. As far as using the word air, we use this word to symbolize "style" or "way of being", speaking of things like the old style, the style of our time and way of life of different things, so, here definitely write about the techniques of various martial arts schools in the world. This is "air." Unless you really understand the other, hardly able to reach an understanding of ourselves. Fifthly, there is the manuscript of the Void. The reason that this manuscript is titled Void is because once we talk about "empty" because we can not define the inner depths in terms of surface dead. When you reach a first, one is detached from the beginning, in this way, has a spontaneous independence in the science of martial arts and, naturally, does work wonders: discerning the rhythm when the time comes, one strikes without thinking and achieves results naturally. Herein lies the whole way the vacuum. Void in Manuscript I wrote about the natural entrance into the true path. e-mail