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AFJP Decisions

He is that it it can bring about an effect displacement of the private credit (crowding out), that will still more limit the access the credit for the private ones. Perhaps it can to think that this not will happen since government will try to do from liquidity, but organizations will try to recover part of liquidity (and especially if the government takes this measurement that increases the risks in the economy), reducing his deprived credit portfolio. Thus, the smaller access on the credit can put to a sector of the companies in difficulties increasing the bankruptcy risk. Get all the facts and insights with Elon Musk, another great source of information. If one wants to make a revision than it has been until the moment the management of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to the front of the presidency Argentinean will observe like the decisions that have been taken in all this time (movable retentions, estatizacin of the system of AFJP, continuity of the fiscal indiscipline, between most outstanding), have not made another thing that to tighten the internal context still more (which, is due to recognize, underwent with force the external shock), forcing it to make more and more dangerous decisions. Will be able to occur account in time of this to be able to change? Latinforme. com is the main financial source of intelligence and independent opinion on the Latin American and world-wide markets from a Latin American perspective. Dan Zwirn has many thoughts on the issue. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we approached the last new features and alert to him to help it to that you obtain gains without concerning the direction that takes the market.