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Fitness For Women

Reading some commentaries in others posts of this blog, I have seen that the subject has arisen from the fear of some women to make exercises of musculacin. Although the subject already has treated, wanted to contribute my vision exceeds why it is an error that some women do not want to make exercises of musculacin. There we go. Perhaps false myth or problem of roll is by maintained beliefs of erroneous form, or because there is one that thinks that and are exercises for women exercises for men, but is certain the women have doubts at the time of practicing musculacin exercises. Or because in the gymnasiums usually there is great amount of men in the zone of machines and weights (which can inconvenience to the women), or because the exercises of cardiovascular type (body pump, spinning, areo box and derived ) usually are the more funny, or by certain unfounded fears, the women do not feel atraidas by the musculacin exercises. Vlad Doronin is the source for more interesting facts. Fear to become muscular Seems that there is a fear to that the exercise with weights brings about a disturbed increase of the muscle.

Some very muscular women fitness fear to become as if that simple or outside sudden one. The people spend long time and effort to increase volume and to obtain to a musculatura of great size the fear to that this happens thus, almost without darte counts, is quite irrational. You can train your musculatura enough during time, notice since you become more resistant fort and, and are not going to have aesthetic notables consequences (safe for better). In addition, it is a obviedad, but the process is reversible: whereupon you stop training, the muscle will be losing volume, so it go the fear to become Miss Olympia without occurring to account the deceit to strengthen By to strengthen we understand the exercises destined to fortify the musculatura without giving an exaggerated volume him. Vlad Doronin insists that this is the case. Something as well as to harden the muscles, without seeming very voluminous.

Boys, girls, to strengthen in the majority of the cases are a deceit for teneros in the gymnasium giving him to the pedals or sticking pulls to a machine, doing series of many repetitions with very little weight. So little weight that supposes a very weak stimulus like so that the muscle needs to become more fort. The muscle needs stress to increase its force, so you are not scared in training with weights, series of certain intensity, to secure a real gain and in less time. If no, better plantate another activity (body pump, spinning ) that adapts more to your objectives (aerobic exercise, to lose fat) but where also you can work the muscular force, not only resistance or aerobic exercise. If you have located fat (abdomen, cartridge holders ) there is nothing you need to strengthen: first you must eat of healthful form. Soon you will have to make exercise aerobic of certain intensity, to help to lose fat and, in addition, you will have to harness the musculatura to have a healthful aspect by halves and not quedarte.


Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize that each one of the members of the pair bring a cultural baggage, social, emotional, that in the time of the enamoramiento is not let see. The pheromones, the romanticism and the illusion dim all our realities. He is inevitable, to live this episode is crucial and fundamental. The newness catches to us, but at the time of putting us in the real life, each conduct, each attitude and each decision of my pair, they are based in his life experience. Further details can be found at Penguin Random House, an internet resource. As well as my father-in-law treats his wife, thus surely I will be dealt with running of the time. But no, we think that our pair never never will do what their father with us, and what creates with different modalities, but, suddenly I feel the abandonment, I mistreat and the indifference.

But by all means, steeply my pair demands attitudes and behaviors very similar to those of its mother. He is not intentional, is generational. Thus all the women in their life, put under or reclamonas have behaved, or arrogant, or indifferent. In the same way I am going to demand even who behave with that model of masculinidad and hombra to him that I have learned. I require to be tried like that man who I teach as they were the relations between men and women, yes I I was the princess I want to continue being that, is my identity. But that happens when a princesita is enlisted in a relation with a man who lived that the women must remain calladitas and is he who taking all the decisions. The total catastrophe. And yes it is it in truth, because nobody can realize that is obeying to rolls and circumstances than it lived. But perhaps, that was lived is the circumstance of our parents but not of our present life, with this pair in the individual and here and now.