1-2-3-Plakat.de Goes Local

New program version with new features just in time for the start in the new Aussenwerbejahr is the local trader the new version of the online tool 1-2-3 – Plakat.de (www.123plakat.de) available. Many new features and service functions, as well as a slight redesign of the user interface make the booking of large posters even faster and more efficient. Customers can as usual – fashion in three steps (1) design / upload, select (2) place, period, and Plakatstandort and (3) action book. The process was simplified again. Since the introduction of 1-2-3-Plakat.de, increasing the number of visitors and users. Already, each year approximately 8,000 local professionals, individuals, agencies and non-profits use the new outdoor online service.

After the relaunch of 1-2-3-Plakat.de to the portal, the known range is”under 1-2-3-plakat.de/locally housed. Also, this area is constantly optimized. In addition to the selection of individual poster sites in the desired location, the following service functions are new added: all locations can be shown in a map and directly booked online tool has a wide range of functions, such as E.g. the District selection. The advertisers can enter his site and see what billboards located in its environment for clients, helping with the design need, there is an own, additional agency service, consulting and creation of design, layout, and printing data. And at a service fee of EUR 200, including correction steps, up to the finished poster.

A very important innovation has been also assigned to this area on the 1-2-3-poster portal and harnessed for the user: an online tool for continuous and note advertising (www.123dauerwerbung.de). This special platform has over 300,000 advertising in whole Germany. The customer can here permanently secure the place of advertising and design its own advertising systems with the help of the map tools. This saves then troublesome descents in the corresponding areas.