Federal Supreme Court

“” Federal Supreme Court declared two exclusion clauses in legal expenses insurance for ineffective the insurance law competent IV. civil Senate of the Federal Supreme Court on the 08.05.2013 decided that used by numerous legal expenses insurance in their insurance conditions effects clause “and the prospectus liability clause” are ineffective. According to these clauses, legal expenses insurers grant their policyholders no legal protection for the legal interests in any causal connection with the purchase or sale of securities (E.g. shares, bonds, investment units), as well as the participation in investment models, on which the principles of liability for the prospectus are applicable. To justify the Bundesgerichtshof points out that the clauses opaque and are therefore ineffective, because the average policyholder can not sufficiently clear remove those clauses which transactions of the exclusion should be recorded. Jacob I Guilleaume lawyers welcome the consumer-friendly Decision of the Bundesgerichtshof expressly and advise all investors, who should have received a rejection from your legal expenses insurance, this checked by a qualified lawyer.

Contingencial Boarding

Contingencial boarding in projects, and determinative factors of success: The study of case of a project & ldquo; Feed & ndash; Front End Engineering Design& rdquo; SUMMARY In not routine enterprises, the reach of the objectives of a project how much the stated period, cost, quality, and attendance the diverse expectations of steakholders, is the main great concern of the company. The present study &amp approaches the FEED; ldquo; Front End Engineering Design& rdquo; as an incorporated additional phase to the traditional management of projects, in the search of the success of an enterprise. Law 8,666/93 will be analyzed the case of act of contract made for in agreement the PETROBRA’S company, for the revision of a project of installation of three towers of cooling in one of its petrochemical complexes in the city of So Paulo, executed in a period former-before the o launching of the licitatrio process to the suppliers. It is treated to demonstrate as the one-step adoption more, in the initial periods of training of projects of raised technology and complexity, stage that is called of FEED & ldquo; Front End Engineering Design& rdquo; , it rees-echo directly on the costs, time, and target technician of an enterprise. The theoretical picture was developed from the literature of success in projects, under a contingencial boarding. In the conclusions we point that the application of the FEED contributes in positive way for the success of projects of raised technology and complexity..


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The Holiness

Visit us in truth, if we call him beats his presence aware, the he cleaveth unto us provident, his inner life is what we seek. What is vain illusion goes well contemplating the Almighty, is ecstasy of love still the agony. Must be our happiness their harmony, God is divine water, eternal joy and the love of his being, full joy! The Holiness of God Sonnet God is good and kindness without flaw and eminent standard and the road, the same Holiness of being divine absolute righteousness, be perfect. Reality of truth more concrete, clear transparent its destination without error the evidence of his fate, is love of friendship and eternal affection. Inside and outside is light crisp verse, Contundente, repudiates the evil evil, flees away shadow that is a crime. Perfect intimacy of the infinite lives within himself the most beautiful outward, is creator of the universe! Divine solitude sonnet contemplating infinity blue just me facing the sea, only and the waves I feel not only being alone to feel me with God, I am not alone. Is the blue makes night little by little and night throwing barcarolles will shed light on their Corollas, silent stars, calla a cry.

With God my solitude, to who misses? Throughout the night until dawn I am not alone ever if accompanies me. Hoping to dusk divine solitude again, I seek your involves more than the sky and the! mar, your intimate be! God and introspection of being sonnet things are not God although it is in them with his being in the being of the universe, present with his absence at the bad evil has nothing to do with their complaints. Eternal God walks and leaves traces at pace of hurricane or smooth wind, according to the measure of his verse measured time and space and the stars. Reality of the ideal and its perfection of maximum optimism eminence, root clamped to his presence. Entering in Yes where is the same and at the Summit of the being of his existence God is more in his being, divine abyss! Eternal friendship sonnet soul penetrating with two sharp double-edged sword silence does not allow that this tired, friendship, Dios soul does not break their threads.

Thinking of making his mansion nursing home eternity remains desolate, divine as God and love so much weight love, eternal kilos. And to the manger to birth it commands Elijah visionaries Messiah as Isaiah, Jesus complies with the law and the prophets. Sandals of love takes subject but it dies on the cross without shoelaces, opening us sky endless days.

Resign Behind Schedule

Until now the president of the Council of Direction of the General Society of Authors and Editores (SGAE), Teddy Baptist, will behind schedule present/display this his resignation to the position while its judicial future is clarified. According to they have confirmed to the COUNTRY different sources near the SGAE, Baptist in addition has put his position at the disposal of the board of directors of the organization that arose the past from the elections of 30 of June, and it will do the same day in which the first meeting of the meeting is held, that has begun in Madrid past the 16,00 hours. The board of directors is formed by 38 members – seven of great straight (dramatists, composers and coregrafos), 16 of small (composers and authors of music), seven of straight audio-visual and eight of musical publishers; but about 25 have only gone today to the meeting in the palace of Longoria. Among them, the own Teddy Baptist, as president (in functions) of the Council of Direction; Francisco Galindo, Secretary General of the organization and Pablo Hernandez, director of the legal department. No of the assistants has fact declarations to the entrance. Apparently the cantautor Victor Manuel is not in the meeting to be acting in Chile. The musician Sabino Mndez has announced who will read an agreed official notice by the board of directors and that will not admit questions. Source of the news: : Baptist will resign behind schedule this to his position in the SGAE.

North Africa

In IV and III century BC floors in the central part of the house – the atrium – have been made simply from a thick layer of cement mixed with broken bricks, tiles, fine gravel and shells. However, as the empire tastes softened, was influenced by the civilized suburbs such as Greece or Egypt. Already in the late second century BC Roman sex has become a very important detail of interior, showing the wealth of its owner. It covers thoroughly sift colored stones and marble slabs, compound pattern. Was popular and technique in which a thick cement slurry was pressed into small pieces of colored marble, creating an enormous mural. Such mosaics were found not only in Rome or at Pompeii, but also in distant colonies such as England or North Africa. One may recall the famous Pompeian "The Battle of Arbella" and "Bacchus astride a panther, mosaic floors in the Rheims or in York.

Interestingly, the Roman floors differ not only beauty, but also adaptability. For example, , famous in the beginning of the I century BC refinement and luxury that came up to build a bath over gipokaustom, ie a basement that housed the furnace. Thence stretched clay pipes, communicating with the hearth, – Receive a warm floor. I must say that it is the remains of baths brought us the beauty of the Roman floors. Money on them in a rich empire, and did not spare them conscientiously. The philosopher Seneca said so about the magnificence of Roman terms: "We man considers himself poor and their housing bad, if its walls decorated baths do not shine …

Naming Rights

Scientists engaged in research on onomastics and toponymy of the German-Slavic branch. They worked together specialists from the same section Schiller University in Jena. In 1996 they were joined by scientists of the Institute dialectology. Result of the work were the articles and publications in various linguistic journals. Research papers on onomastics covered various factors that influenced the development of proper names, as a linguistic or social and dialectical character, especially their phonology, semantics and morphology, the impact on their formation of geographical features. Scientists were particularly interested in research on the syntax of personal names, as well as their use in various speech situations. Enormous contribution to onomastics made by the scientists of the now defunct West Germany. Monograph Zaybike – the most outstanding work in the field of onomastics.

Work is devoted to personal names, it presented: the terminology of proper names, historical factors, sociological and stylistic aspects of geography, as well as the importance and own names, their morphology, phonetics, and education. In result of all the above, it may be noted multifaceted anthroponomical and onomastic research. Next, consider what there is specificity in anthroponimics German. Naming Rights called anthroponym. Previously, proper names and anthroponomy including regarded as unrelated to each other words that the dictionary, based mainly on tradition vocabulary. And only in the second half of last century vocabulary of proper names have started to study as a separate system. Anthroponimics in the German language has a two-term system that is used first and last name.


Follow the steps of your favorite stars and visit some of the scenarios where major productions of film for this summer have been filmed. Predators / premiere in Spain: August, new 2010Esta delivery of predator, from the hand of Robert Rodriguez as producer, tries to bring as much to the spirit of the original, released in 1987. In this release a group of soldiers must survive to many predators, in a hunting trap. Much of the movie was filmed in the jungles of the island of Hawaii, while certain passages are developed in the Palmetto State Park, McKinney Falls and Hamilton Pool, in Texas, where there are also studies Troublemaker (Austin), used for the film. Prince of Persia: the sands of time / premiere in Spain: May 2010 films based on video games usually do not leave good posed, but this promises to be different and it will convince the most skeptical. Compare prices of flights to London and escape to the world-famous Pinewood Studios, where the film was made. Was also filmed in Morocco, where you can visit the fortified city of Ait Benhaddou, ski resort of Ouikaimeden, Marrakech, and Quarzazate, where the classical wars was filmed, in 1977.

In summer there is a huge range of cheap flights to Morocco, do not miss them! Toy Story 3 / premiere in Spain: July 2010 this popular franchise returns with another launch next month, for the enjoyment of fans of all ages, who may visit the parks Disney of Florida or California and meet the new characters from the Toy Store Mania adventure and take pictures with their friends in this animated film in 3D. Saga Twilight: Eclipse / premiere in Spain: July 2010 based on one of the most successful literary sagas, after Harry Potter, this second installment is destined to become a great success..

Investment Advisor

Afterwards, it is always smarter. For this, you must adhere but not necessarily as a mediator. So a BGH judgment on liability of the investment advisor due to injury his testing duties. Berlin, 19.04.2013 – intermediaries are not liable if later positions of the concept prove inaccurate, that previously were not recognisable in the context of the validation, so the Supreme Court in a recent judgment. A consultancy contract is completed with the inclusion of a consultation between advisors and customer at least implied. From this follows inter alia the obligation to the object-oriented”advice.

Then the investment advisor to those properties and risks of the investment object has to point out, that have important significance for the individual investment decision. Check who an investment a customer will recommend, it must therefore with critical expertise”. Will fail this test, this only leads to a liability if in advance a risk was identified had to be informed about this. The German Federal Court (BGH) now has a “recent decision to position, when as a there are reasonable grounds” is, a risk is identified, is to distrust the information in a brochure so when during a test or in-depth investigations are to operate. Occasion for critical questions to exist if a position in a prospectus is not plausible according to the BGH. Therefore, this test is also validation”called” specialised so lawyer Dietmar Goerz of adhesion processes in the financial service management firm GPC Law. In a prospectus was implausible, so the Supreme Court, if there is no comprehensible reason in the intended investments for this position or whose height apparently moves outside of the reasonable frame.

But positions in a brochure, which are rather insignificant in relation to the total cost must be even broken down according to the judges in Karlsruhe. This applies especially when for the investors in the framework of cost composition before the respective total amount of position of importance is all. Because the total amount was insight which expenses or other soft costs”are costs and how much money will be invested in the investment object, whose market value determines the value of the investment in the main. Irrelevant if, according to the drawing positions of the investment concept prove the investment na, which were previously undetectable. When an investment adviser, for example, not suspected had to huddle up, that a cost item is hidden donations to the founding shareholders. “The decision is once again positive for the brokers of capital investments, so the lawyer of Gorizia. It often happens that mediators be held liable together with the product dealer for problems within an investment, were not identifiable for asshole. This is always a difficult question.

Well Put Money

Sting capital – and cash in an investment, still too few German invest the savings book out. This is strange, finally saving money and finding is announced today in almost all areas of daily life after the value. But when it comes to the proliferation of own money, most of savers shy once targeted assets steeped in return on to confront. The experts of the consumer platform of investment Vergleich.de have studied various forms of closed-end funds, with their help, even small investors can achieve good yields. Their conclusion: No fear of capital investments.

“.” Savings and money market accounts unattractive who parked his capital on day money or savings accounts, not increase it, but it loses even more money. A global, very precarious interplay between low interest savings, amounting to just one percent, and inflation is to blame for this. According to a recent report of the ARD of stock market experts alone the citizens a year lose around this effect ten billion euros. Just the interest rate of the day money account so popular with the Germans, is as low as ever and can daily continue to decline. Also the Festgeldanlage when a credit institution is always less attractive. A good investment, for example in closed-end funds, it currently is the only sensible way that savers can profitably invest their money.

Not many investors fear getting bogged down with a complex product. “This concern however, is inappropriate, because working capital investment in closed-end funds” money of Saver based on very simple principles: the investor a fund provider makes available a certain amount for an agreed period. After expiration of the contract term, he gets back his invested money plus the earned yield. Who so invested in the appropriate investment product with good yield, can enjoy significantly higher interest rates at the end of its term a, compared to the savings account.