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Firewall manufacturer Adyton convinced Leipzig marketing Club through its innovative communication of the launch system. Leipzig, 07.11.2013. In the context of the 2013 marketing award, the award ceremony of the honorary and special prize in the Congress Center Leipzig took place on November 5. “Adyton system received for his excellent marketing performance savings special award new media” 2013. The marketing team convinced the jury of the marketing Club Leipzig through his innovative use of the media as well as a high level in the marketing of design performance, authenticity in the implementation, degree of innovation, successes of the concept, as well as regional reference. Adyton applied system with its communication strategy for the launch of its next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR. These will be applied for 2011 in the company and constantly evolving.

Based on the business plan and the target audience Kristin Pressler’s marketing team has opted for a cross-media mix of PR, online and offline marketing and events. In the Online marketing of social media is a high priority. This approach assessed the jury as particularly innovative and awarded him with a special price. We are very pleased about the ceremony. Especially also because previously established and well-known companies were awarded the marketing. The price gives us impetus and motivation for our upcoming marketing activities. Currently, we are working on a fine adjustment of the communication concept and adapt it to the changed market situation. Also we enlarge our team now and are looking for an experienced Marketing Manager,”said Kristin Pressler, head of corporate communications at Adyton system.

The savings banks special new media”was awarded for the first time in the history of the marketing award. The award a total of 25 applications from the region were returned for Leipzig and central Germany, from which a jury of experts, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Kirchgeorg from the school of Economics has identified Leipzig, the winner. About Adyton system Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton systems uses the latest deep-packet-inspection technology for this purpose. Adyton systems is regional office Leipzig of the TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, bears the mark of quality “IT security made in Germany. about the marketing price of marketing-Club Leipzig e.V. The marketing Club Leipzig e.V. annually recognizes companies, organisations or persons for an outstanding marketing strategy. This marketing performance can refer as a holistic corporate strategy, as on a specific product, product group, or brand management strategy.

CEO Business

For the second time, iQom business wins the coveted Deloitte award after award 2010 is the company in the year iQom business this year again for their services with the prestigious award “Deloitte Technology FAST 50” has been awarded. The annually issued award honors the entrepreneurial achievements of the fastest growing companies in the technology areas of IT, communications and life sciences in Germany. The carrier and operator iQom business continued this year to increase unabated its sustainable growth is impressive 544 percent increase rate determined by Deloitte as one measured at the fastest-growing technology companies of in Germany. In a solemn ceremony on the grounds of the Frankfurt West port the coveted award was presented iQom business financial times Germany, Taylor Wessing, Deutsche Borse Group and DVFA on on November 3, 2011 by the organizer of Deloitte as well as its partners. Michael Weickel, founder and CEO of iQom business explained after the award presentation: “As a technology pioneer, which is iQom business, in two consecutive years to be awarded, underlines the exceptional status of this company in the telecom industry.

With the operation of the own country-wide fibre-optic network at the business level and the unique digitized management system, we are able to offer not only nationwide unlimited bandwidth, but also respond to virtually any type of inquiry now in real time. Is possible around the world to my knowledge in this quality with any other provider.” Deloitte Germany honors excellence in the technology industry already for the ninth time. Around the globe, the award has established itself as a quality seal for entrepreneurial success in the technology industry. For the regions of North America and EMEA there beyond the nearly 500, which honours the best of the national Fast 50 winners. iQom business won also this title in 2010 and is confident the this this year in competition with all European and on the African continent-based technology companies succeed again.

Post Finder

Driver linked to postal facilities in FRIEDRICHSHAFEN parallel to the international held in Frankfurt automotive exhibition IAA is now also the Postfinder of Deutsche Post in automobiles available. This intelligent networking of the driver with his environment allows an individual navigation to postal facilities. The Deutsche Post postal Finder is created in collaboration with the software company of doubleSlash NET Business GmbH in Friedrichshafen. Together, the two companies developed a modern Internet application that perfectly supports the user to quickly find important for him post facilities via Smartphone, mobile phone or PC. The Web interface brings together all customer-relevant information, such as, for example, the locations of stores, mail boxes and packing stations and ATMs of Postbank. Additional information such as opening hours of the respective branch or information about the available services are displayed to the customer. Since early September, this service also in the Internet offer from BMW is ConnectedDrive integrated.

The BMW Group established ten years ago the use of an Internet-based portal on the navigation device in their vehicles. With the newly available applications, the Munich automobile manufacturer offers its customers an extra convenience. The mail application in the BMW ConnectedDrive makes it possible to search the driver from any location for the German postal service facilities. It also works with a site address from the address book of the navigation device. The found address of the establishment of the post can then directly be applied so that the driver is guided to the target.

The joint project of the two companies was the doubleSlash NET Business GmbH slashTalk through the participation of the expert dialogue. While the manufacturer of custom software the cooperation of its two customers of Deutsche Post and BMW supported group through its extensive experience in the field mobile IT. About doubleSlash that net business GmbH is doubleSlash specializing in project business and product development in the field of enterprise software.

Customer Engagement

From Wolff consulting, WOLFF is data. People. Marketing. Berlin, September 21, 2011. Advertising campaigns lead to the success, two different business areas must collaborate efficiently: marketing and it. Because current and complete data are a prerequisite for successful customer engagement, so a long-term dialogue between company and customer. This is exactly what makes the Berlin agency WOLFF data.

People. Marketing, formerly Wolff consulting. Wolff consulting launched over years ten ago as a technical service provider, bridging the gap between marketing and IT. WOLFF speaks data with new name and new website. People. Marketing. now a larger target group and shows its competence in the area of customer engagement. The marketing experts enable successful customer communication based on qualified data.

Data whose preparation, as well as individual marketing campaigns come at WOLFF. People. Marketing. reliable from a single source. Superficially marketing and IT have nothing in common. The Department developed creative Ideas, the other screws”on the technical backbone, internally so that everything runs smoothly. But even if this seemingly it’s two different worlds, advertisers must ensure close cooperation. As a campaign to achieve their target audience, the company needs accurate data of customers and prospective customers. A professional and continuous data management is therefore essential. That stands for the word ‘ people ‘ in the new business name of WOLFF data. People. Marketing. “, explains managing director Sascha Wolff. To establish a dialogue with the customer, companies need to know as much as possible this.” WOLFF data. People. Marketing. has focused on this area. The experts more or less lift data resources; that is, they collect, sort and organize all data of customers and prospective customers. Data from different sources, online or offline, are thereby consolidated and cleaned up. This creates the basis for targeted marketing with high Feedback quotas and a long-term exchange with the customer. Customer engagement for this is the current Buzzword, the also the specialty of WOLFF data.

Was Using A Sick Leave

Suspicion of sick leave fraud in the event of sickness continuously it happens that an employee uses the salary promised to them in the event of illness, with fraudulent intent (fraud by using a sick leave). It is always a question of reliability to the company, which is battered by using this action. A diseased worker has the obligation to communicate its business owners directly about an illness, which excused his staying away from the job. No later than on the fourth day of the illness a surface must exist when the entrepreneur, the incapacity for work medically confirmed. But always there are disputes on a sideline, which operated in the course of such disease time. Produced mistrust also on workers, fall usually by cocks at work with the aid of a flimsy requests from the eye. Often enough it is so-called “blue makers” without energy pulse. Suspected cases of fraud by using a Sick leave according to German case law have sick employees to refrain from any actions which impede their recovery process or disrupt.

Integrating a secondary activity belongs to this case abundantly during such a period of illness. Equally strenuous physical work in the improvement phase, such as the Organization and carrying out a move, are most definitely not. Employees who are suffering from increased pyrexia, may not even out of bed, even though an employee, which has seen a slight herniation, certainly to be found in the swimming pool can be. Discreet sporty activities benefits in this case rather than that it hurts. It is in no way as easy to assess the situation precisely, because each situation is unique. Quite certain criteria indicate quite often catchy, that is a scam. A scam using a sick leave is not a trivial offence and represents an unlawful act.

This can in any fact criminally pursued If the affected owner filed charges. Feigned sickness called sick leave fraud or salary fraud, can cause an extraordinary termination of the contract under certain conditions. Taute security management – proper assistance in resolving cases of fraud have you obvious doubts about the accuracy of statements their employees, can take always the proper services of the Detektei Berlin claims. The company pursues its suspicions correctly also absolutely unremarkable and confirmed this possible if necessary, so that you can take appropriate action. The Berlin private detective agency, edited a lot of such operations nationwide and has years of experience in the investigation of fraud with the help of a sick leave. The economy Detektei Berlin this assists you to determine beyond doubt the offense of “Fraud by using a sick leave” not merely subjective, instead also gerichtsverwertbar to document. So are you ongoing and invaluable labor court processes and possible image damage, which may become in connection herewith, saves. Taute security management INH. Christian Taute WANA Kaew Road 26 10318 Berlin

Increasingly More Active

Sometimes life can seem to drag.You don’t have the energy than before.If only you could lose some weight.Perhaps it would be better.Perhaps you feel is more how to do things.You might consider increasingly active with fat burners.Here are some reasons why. Metabolism these products work to increase your metabolic rate.This can be compared to stoke a coal oven.If you put a small amount of coal in, will have a small fire.If you put a huge amount, you may have a very large fire.However, the excess fuel can damage the oven.To prepare the oven at a constant speed, which will increase the heat output of the oven.It will be much more efficient.This is how these products in metabolism work.When is your metabolism more efficient, more of your reservation are burnt.While doing so, you will feel better.We can give you more energy.This can have a ball effect of nieve.Como a small amount of snow wheel by a hill, turns into a ball.The more is more big wheel turns.Also becomes faster.The gravity increases the attraction on it and further accelerates.This is how your energy level can be affected with high metabolism and weight loss.You feel better, so you feel more wanted to do something.Maybe walk to the market instead of driving.The total increases the level of activity.More weight is lost.You feel even better than before.You will feel better with yourself mentally also.You can start to do more things in the House.This is due to the fact that you feel like doing things, now.They are still losing weight.Are they still being felt better and better with himself.Snowball that is gaining a lot of movement. More impulse can increase the effect of burning fat product with some steps simple.Try to drink more water.When you go to the store, buying more vegetables.You don’t have to make any lifestyle changes.Try making small changes here and there.If you do a little thing, you can do another.All these little things with the time joined in one very big thing. Numbers help do you know someone who is the taking the same product?This can sometimes help.It is much easier to do anything if you’re not alone.Talk to your spouse or common-law partner of that.It is possible that they want to get involved too.This may work better after having had some degree of success.The big difference will be noticed.This will help motivate to join you. Overview can be more active with FAT (fat burners) burners.There cannot be a snowball effect.Your metabolism increases and you lose some weight.This makes you feel better.As you feel better to have more energy.When you have more energy, which are most active.This helps you to lose more weight and feel even better.Be sure to drink plenty of water.This will help the work products better.Involve others in his plan if possible.It’s more fun to do this with someone. Original author and source of the article


Only the people who suffer from excessive sweating know the innumerable discomforts that can lead to this problem. When you’re as exit heading to that important meeting of labour, or heading to an appointment with that special person, you feel moisture in the armpits, which not only stain your clothes, but as the unpleasant odor from afar. To solve this unpleasant inconvenience, the first thing you should do is to get a strong antiperspirant. There are many available on the market, you will have to try several until you find one that works well for you. Roll any spray, cream, in bar, on, etc.

You must look well to the tag, which says antiperspirant. Some are only deodorants, which cover the odor but do not diminish the amount of sweat. Antiperspirants contain substances (such as for example aluminium salts) that form a plug in the pore of the sweat gland, attenuating thus the excessive sweating, since less amount of sweat is excreted. There are also antiperspirants are also deodorants at the same time, since they contain perfumes or fragrances which attenuate the bad smell of perspiration. It is also good to choose garments of cotton or wool, natural fibres that allow breathing skin, decreasing accumulation of moisture on it. Garments of synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon, etc.) make that moisture is accumulating on the skin, and thus more perspires.

People who suffer from excessive sweating should take their antiperspirant or deodorant always with you, in order to reaplicarlo when necessary. In addition, it is also a good idea to wear a blouse or shirt replacement, if gets wet which take place. Some people opt to also wear a jacket, which are placed where spots appear in the armpits, and thus hide them. There are natural remedies for excessive sweat. So, you can combat your excessive sweating using very simple remedies that you can prepare at home. If you want to eliminate your Hyperhidrosis then I suggest that you click here to read my best recommendations for excessive sweat. Author original and source of the article.

Prepare Milk

Since in many countries it is not even possible to buy milk of marijuana in supermarkets or chain stores, those who wish to take advantage of its benefits or who simply want to try it out of curiosity must prepare it way home. The procedure for doing so is fairly simple and virtually anyone with basic knowledge of cooking will be able to prepare a delicious and nutritious milk of marijuana. For preparing the milk of marijuana will need the following: ingredients for preparing milk for 1 rate of 5 or 6 cannabis seeds marijuana rates of purified water natural sweetener, like agave honey or honey Extractor preparation instructions put the water and the seeds of marijuana without Peel in a blender. If you want to get a fat-free consistency, put a little more water in the mix, if on the contrary you want to get a consistency more bushy, you use a little less water. Turn on the blender for about 2-3 minutes until you achieve the desired consistency. After blending the mixture, can sweeten milk obtained by adding agave honey organic or raw honey and blending the milk again.

Once done, you can now drink milk directly, or you can filter residues of marijuana seeds using a colander. The pulp from the seeds obtained from the collation of the milk can be used as an excellent body scrub or a full face mask. Marijuana milk will stay fresh for 3 days if the canned refrigerated in a sealed container (e.g. a jar of jam vacuum), remember to shake well before each use. If they do not sell marijuana seeds in your country you can buy them from way Online at the following sites: or And remember, no longer has any excuse for not enjoying the benefits of milk of marijuana. Original author and source of the article

Bandits Beautiful Lagoons

Mendocino General Alvear Department is part, along with San Rafael and Malargue, of the so-called southern tourist area of the province. Its desert beauty contrasts with the snowy landscapes that captivates visitors from all over the world to spend, each year, a holiday in Mendoza. But with its unusual and distinct appeal, General Alvear seduces and catches also. The distribution of their ancient populations is living testimony of the will of the man’s face and overcome the desert. Cradle of livestock in the province, General Alvear is home to some of the oldest buildings in the region. The Atuel River marks their passage through the zone, here become a course of freshwater and manso. Lots of Lakes alternate with the desert landscape, giving away great and serene beauty landscapes where the fauna and flora, grateful for the blessing of the water, burst into colors and rumors.

The small hamlets induce in Alvear to enter into another dimension of time, different from the frenzy of big cities. Here, the life savor slowly, with the simplicity and sobriety dictated by the austere landscape of the desert. It is worth find the cool gloom of the oldest bars to revel in the stories and anecdotes of their settlers. Or delivered simply to the pleasure of touring, slowly and without trouble, every corner of these oases of calm, cluttered stories. It was in this Department where the adventures of the legendary Bandit Juan Bautista Humanos, Robin Hood’s pampas came to an end. Adored and protected by the most humble, with whom he shared the product of their robberies, tirelessly pursued by the police for more than 10 years, elusive as few, Humanos fell down finally in General Alvear on September 14, 1941. There stands his grave, that each year many pilgrims that evoke their generosity and their protection come.

Even today, in the bars in the area, locals are willing to recount the exploits of the mythical character. Some, including, will claim his grandparents protected it in any of its permanent fleeing justice. And figure Romance of this hero at the margin of the law will be present, for a moment, in one of those moments out of time afforded by the magic of General Alvear. For those who believe that the holidays in Mendoza were snow, and nothing more. Jorge Alberto Guinazu fire houses. Video of Juan Bautista Stagnaro, CineClub roots. Filatina auctioned guitar of the legendary Hendrix Vina del Mar: legendary restaurant Chez Gerald was topped after three failed attempts to Radio Bio-Bio William Ojeda: seek to criminalise protest from 33 humble meter users: Noticiero Digital Duck: follow equally humble with our objective which is to stay.

Comet Lulin

None, however, can not say anything for sure, because it turns out to be the first visit Lulin (Lulin) in the solar system, and the first time a comet is exposed intense sunlight. So there can be surprises. Green comet Lulin (Lulin) caused by gases that make up its atmosphere, which is typical for celestial bodies the size of Jupiter. Jets of gas erupting from the core comets contain cyanogen (CN: poisonous gas found in many comets) and diatomic carbon (C2). Both substances glow green when illuminated by sunlight in space, which is almost a vacuum. In 1910, many people panic, when astronomers announced that the Earth will pass through the tail of Halley's comet (Halley), which is saturated with cyanogen.

False alarm: smoked tail of the comet could not penetrate the dense atmosphere of Earth, even if it happened, of cyanide would be enough to create a real threat. Comet Lulin (Lulin) will be cause for concern even to a lesser extent than Halley's comet (Halley). In late February, as close to Earth, Lulin (Lulin) freezes at a distance of 38 million miles from Earth, which is perfectly safe. To see the comet Lulin (Lulin) with my own eyes, make sure that your alarm signaled at 3 o'clock in the morning. Comet appears in a few hours before sunrise, and it can be seen somewhere in the upper third of the southern sky shortly before dawn. Here are some of the dates on which it is particularly easy to find: 2nd February: Comet Lulin (Lulin) smoothly moves to Zubenelgenubi, double star in the center of the cups of the constellation Libra (Libra).